Friday, February 11, 2011

{30x30 pt11} Clueless

Day two of meetings and I'm hanging in there.  I came to the realization today that I am very clueless when it comes to world news. I know that something is happening in Egypt but I really have no idea what.  The boy is an avid news follower and provides me with summaries of the current events so I'm somewhat in the loop.  I was trying to remember the name of the (stepped down- I know that!) President of Egypt and I just googled "Mushbar" *sigh* I need to start following world events or my conversations will be limited to shoes, Glee and my cats...(although that sounds quite engaging to me!)

Skirt, Blazer & Jewelry- Smart Set; Blouse- Zara; Shoes-Andrew Gellar; Nail Polish- Rapid Ruby by Rimmel; Tights- Wonderbra
Do you follow world news?


  1. I hate to admit it but I read so my fashion blogs, and fashion related things that I'm always out of the loop. It doesn't help I watch tv shows too.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. haha.. world news.. i’m so not into that either.. oh wellz.~


    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
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  3. Shoes, Glee, and for me!

    I don't follow much news either. I tend to feel really dumb when those conversations come up. It's not that I don't care, but just that I don't hear about those things, really.

  4. I do, but I realize most people don't. It's why there's so little of it in the newspapers. People tend to care only about what happens close to them. That's a shame because events around the world are quite interesting. For example, did you know the leader of Italy is on trial for sex crimes?!

  5. My world news comes from Huffington Post and USA Today... both apps on my phone lol
    I check them every moring, otherwise I will just talk about Glee and shoes with you.
    Not a cat lover, so I will have to remain silent on that topic :)

  6. Here in England, there is a great awareness of the WORLD, and not just the United Kingdom in the area of news. I find that North America is a bit more insular. The newspapers here are fantastic, and the Sunday editions are about an inch thick, not including the magazine (I mail Emily some of the fashion articles from "Stella".). So, read the "Globe and Mail" and catch up!

  7. Can I comment on the comments? Thank you.

    Jenn is right: Europeans pay more attention to international news, perhaps because they're in closer geographic contact with other countries. One reason Americans ignore it is because of our geographic isolation.

    And I want to strongly endorse Brett's mention of The Huffington Post: it is the BEST source for news of all kinds. Presented attractively, it entices you to read about subjects you might otherwise overlook, including events elsewhere.

  8. @Myheartblogges & Hitomineko-fashion news I have it covered- world news not so much...@Melissa- the nod and smile works charms everytime a convo comes up you can't contribute to! @Shybiker &Jenn -I agree that as North Americans we tend to focus on events that hit home rather than on world events which is unfortunate and rather narrow minded. I didn't know that the leader of Italy was on trial for sex crimes! @Silvergirl- The Huffington post sounds like something I would enjoy- I will have to check it out! And you're not a cat lady..hmm not sure if we can be blogger friends anymore- just kidding :) @Jenn (aka Mum)- I always love the British fashion articles you send me-so interesting :) Guess what everyone? I was reading the online news today and I found out some interesting facts! It pays to be informed!

  9. I used to be a noodle head like you but being in two Poli Sci classes this semester I've had to start paying attention! We even had to make a blog about it for one class!

  10. wow. this post gives women a real bad rap. you're advertising that you only care about shoes and glee? wow. stunned.

  11. @Jennifer- I was making a joke about myself, not about women in general. I'm a University Educated Social Worker so I care about much more than shoes and glee and I am sorry that you took my satirical post in a negative way.


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