Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amies Ennemies

When I was in High School I was completely bilingual.  The majority of my classes were in French and I made an effort to speak my second language to family and friends.  I worked as a tour guide at various National parks across Canada, often giving tours in French.  Even though I now live in Ottawa (which is a much more bilingual city than Halifax), I rarely use my French so the language is slowly slipping away from me.  I still love listening to French music, especially songs by the beautiful Nâdiya.  Her song Amies Ennemies was the inspiration for this post.

I am currently in a love-hate relationship with my frenemy the big red limo (better known as OC Transpo- Ottawa's public transit system).  The boy's car is a 13 year old clunker and has finally given up on life. The coolant is leaking, the motor is overheating and it's just plain dangerous to drive.  Because the boy drove this lemon for over a decade, he wants to treat himself to a fancy BMW which means saving up for the down payment.  In the interim, I am taking the big red limo to work (which adds an hour to my daily commute) and now for date nights.  It's not all bad, the buses in Ottawa come fairly regularly (compared to the pre-historic public transit system in Halifax) and they stay on the Transitway for the majority of my travels (which means avoiding the traffic!)

On Saturday the boy and I braved the blizzard to go see The King's Speech (which he found painful due to all the stuttering- well that's kind of the point of the movie!) We then went out to eat at Grill 41 and wrapped up the night with games, wines and pug adoring at my best friend's house.  OC Transpo- I have one suggestion for you- create a de-odourizing system so I don't have to smell the sweat and labour of the commuters on the way home from work! Then we might be best of friends!

Coat- Gap; Leopard Print Mittens- Gifted from my Mum; Purse-Aldo with Vintage Scarf

Dress-Gifted from Clothing Swap; Sweater and Pashmina- Thrifted; Ring- Vintage; Boots- Aldo

The sneaky Sheriff and Renegade in Bang!

Me and Rupert

B and Penelope

The newest additions to my best friend's household


  1. You look so cute!

    I remember traveling by bus and train when I was young. There were the inconveniences of extra time and smelly passengers but, oddly, my memories of those times are fond. I miss the random adventure of public transportation.

    And there's something nostalgic about struggling economically when you're young that you'll remember forever. I had a series of old wrecks I drove -- and I remember every one.

    Hang in there, buddy. At the very least, you look great!

  2. lol my bf wants to get a BMW as his next car, whats with guys and BMWs?! you look lovely as usuall! Were you at the Ef mag party on the weekend? I think I saw you but wasn't sure- I had a lot to drink that night lol

  3. it looks freezing!! i strongly dislike waiting for buses in the freezing cold :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  4. Omg you look so cute, love the pink pea coat and everything else! Mmmm yesss i have my share of anger towards OC transpo lol don't get me started girl. I got your e-mail, be in touch soon! xox

  5. Yuck! Makes me so thankful I have a car. I live in a smaller town and would never get anywhere without one...but even in a bigger city, I think I'd definitely keep the car! I've never even really been on any form of public transportation...and, after hearing your stories of smelly people and slowness, I'm more than okay with keeping it that way. :)

    At least you look cute, though! My favorite part is the dress, and I ADORE your leopard print mittens! So fabulous. And warm, too, I bet!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Glad you enjoyed it! xx

  6. adorable! i love your hot pink coat, looks like it's definitely keeping you nice and cozy in that snowy weather! and the commute sounds absolutely horrible :( hopefully it gets better soon!

  7. @shybiker, you are definitely correct that public transportation can be an adventure!; @popchampagne- I think it's a status symbol for boys- like Louboutin pumps for girls (not that I can affor those!); @isabel- it was freezing but that's Ottawa for you!; @ashley thanks for the sweet comments :); @beverly- the pink colour helps me to forget how cold it actually is!

  8. YOu look stunning!!!! gorgeous outfits! and OMG...these pugs are adorable!!! Can I come and play with them ????? =)

  9. I love your pink coat!! Also, your pugs are so so cute! :)

  10. Love the pink coat. It's great! And the PUGS!! AWE! They are the most adorable pups ever... so cuddly and sweet.


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