Thursday, December 9, 2010

Warming my Legs at the Mall

I am trying to write this post after two (very strong!) Cosmos drank (or is it drunk?) in the presence of nine other fabulous Ottawa fashionistas for our blogger get-together.  It was so nice to put a face (and personality!) to the blog posts and I loved meeting everyone (next get-together- Karaoke!)

The cold weather is making it difficult to come up with creative photo shoots so the boy took photos of my outfit in the warmth of Bayshore mall over the weekend.  I sported my new leg warmers from Aldo which receive many a strange stare but hey they warm my legs and that's all that matters!

Jeans- Bluenotes
Blazer- Thrifted
Purse- Chanel (or so I was told in Chinatown!)
Leg Warmers- Aldo
Flats- Payless Shoes
Ring- Mac & Jac for Zellers
Glasses- Prescription (sigh)


  1. I love leg-warmers! Back in the '80's, all the girls were wearing them and I was dying of jealousy.

    Let's hear more about the blogger-gathering!

  2. Ashelle and I were talking about how much we love the fashion from the 80s so it's fitting I gravitated towards them! The blogger-gathering was fantastic- I will post pictures and a little story about it soon! Let's just say I've found my fashion tribe in Ottawa! If you are ever in the area you will have to be our guest of honour!


  3. bayshore! i haven't been there for a while... love those white leggings!

  4. Marilou hinted at my visiting Ottawa recently so I looked for it on a map. I had no idea where in Canada your town is.

    It's actually not far from me! Only a day's ride by motorcycle. And I'm ALWAYS looking for places to ride my motorcycle. :)

  5. I love Bayshore, leg warmers, and you.

  6. i love your outfit. it's so colorful. the leg warmer looks familiar. i think i have a pair as well. i'm glad you had fun shopping.

  7. I really like the pattern on that top! And am a big fan of legwarmers for many years, despite getting made fun of in high school about them!

  8. Shybike, come to Ottawa!! If you are on your bike, I'll bring mine to the get-together and we can talk motorcycles!!!

    Em, love the legwarmers! I have two pairs which I'm always dying to bust out.

    The book of 80s fashion is amazing... a post with my favorite styles is to come. The shapes & colour of are just amazing.


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