Friday, December 10, 2010

Cold as Ice Cream but Still as Sweet


I love Nina Ricci's sweet and girly perfumes and what better way to advertise L'Elixir than with a beautiful girl** singing Blondie and traipsing through a whimsical wonderland. Advertising like this inspires me and makes me want to incorporate more ethereal and fantastical pieces into my wardrobe (and buy her new perfume!)

**The girl singing her own remix of Blondie's Sunday Girl is a British pop singer named Florrie. She is giving away free MP3 downloads on her website here. Check it out- you might just find a new fav!

I know a girl from a lonely street
Cold as ice cream but still as sweet
Dry your eyes Sunday girl
Hey, I saw your guy with a different girl
Looks like he's in another world
Run and hide Sunday girl


  1. i love this video!! also: your having an ottawa blogger get together! so exciting...i really hope to have one before the end of the year is through in Montreal...where we get together and drink wine and eat cupcakes and gush about vintage clothes!!


  2. This is a great post!nina rici's ads are always so pretty:) Im really happy I ran into your blog! it's a great read and i like your style:)
    Im gonna follow your blog!

    Hope you visit me and follow me back! That would be aamzing:)


    Have a fabulous day!

  3. Hehe ninaricca amazing, as usual, love this post! :) i am following you, maybe you can visit and follow me back ha?


  4. Love it:))))


  5. Thanks everyone- I am now a Florrie fanatical fan- I just downloaded all her music (for free on her website!) xo Emily


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