Friday, December 17, 2010

Demure in Demu

The other week when we had our first Ottawa fashion blogger get-together, I had the pleasure of meeting Angie Fisher, the young designer for Demu Label.  What I found so inspiring was that herself (a Carleton Architecture student) and her partner (a Carleton Business student) have made a name for themselves before turning thirty.  I checked out their website and was instantly impressed by the professionalism and creativity their collection exudes.  I decided to order a Christmas gift for the boy and a little something for myself (I couldn't resist the Marie Antoinette inspired cupcake tee!) 

Demu comes from the German word 'Demutig' which means humble.  I am always searching to attain a state of tranquility and modesty so the collection spoke to me.  When I received the pieces in the mail (nice and speedy as Demu is local) I fell in love with the attention to detail, the quality of the material and the fact that the garments were made in Canada! I couldn't wait until Christmas, so I gave the boy his sweatshirt and it was the first time I saw him get excited about an article of clothing!

The boy and I modelled our new Canadian clothes for you (maybe Demu will want us to model in their next show- ha!) If you like what you see, check out their website or follow them on Blogspot or Twitter @Demulabel!


  1. Demu got some really nice stuff and I agree, I think they should ask you both to model for their new collection!

    Btw Em, interview with DFS is now out!

  2. You both look fabbity-fab-fab. Such a good looking couple.

  3. The pieces look great on you and yo man! I was just introduced to the line recently.

    Also, just wanted to say thanks for your supportive comments on my blog. I always really appreciate and enjoy reading them. And i think your blog is just as sweet as you!


  4. I love your top and shoes and your cat is adorable.=)

  5. You guys look great! Demu is awesome. I'm really loving the cupcake t-shirt... is that glitter on the icing?

  6. Thanks ladies- Demu is pretty fabulous and Ash- yes it is! :)

  7. these are really cool. they got great stuff.


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