Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Decor & Spots Galore

My best friend Elizabeth is the Queen of home decor-she makes Martha Stewart look like a novice! Her passion is interior design and I hope that she follows her dream one day and helps those with lacklustre decor (like me) transform their space into a magical land.  Last night, the boy and I were at her place celebrating her boyfriend's birthday.  I took this opportunity to snap some outfit shots by her Christmas decorations (I was going to pass them off as my own, but alas I am too honest!)

With my Naughty/Nice pillow from Elizabeth :)

I do own a lint brush if you were wondering but cat hair is just an accessory to my outfit!

Skirt- Bettie Page (part of a 2-piece outfit)
Shirt- Thrifted
Sweater- Smart Set
Boots & Purse- Aldo
Necklace- Vintage
Bracelet- A SweeT, Beverly Hills

The boy thought these were fake gifts for decor but these are in fact real and beautifully wrapped!

Who would have thought that simple bows could add so much?

The Charlie Brown tree wish he had this much swagger!

Queen of home decor and her Literary King- check out his blog here


  1. You look fantastic in that animal print outfit Em! I am sooo jelly over your Christmas tree right now I whipped the laptop to E's face to show him!

    I said, see see?! They have their Christmas tree up, where is ours??

    Ah, the green eyed monster!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  2. Ah but alas this is the Christmas tree of your neighbour Elizabeth! Mine is up as well but it is faux and not photo worthy! So don't be too jealous ;) xo

  3. Wow! Can I celebrate Christmas over at Elizabeth's house? Please?!!

  4. wow nice decors! love the tree. I have zero christmas decorations at my house I'm such a grinch compare to you lol

  5. love the leopard skirt, vintagey little glovves and bold gold jewelry! =)


  6. I haven't even decorated yet. Your house looks so chic. I love the little golden tree. I want one to hang cute little bird ornaments on. I have been obsessed with bird, and butterfly ornaments this year.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. that is sooo nice of you to say!!! thank you! :D :D i'm glad you like it :D your leopard skirt is really awesome- and i just love the shape of it. your bracelet is gorgeous! it looks like a glam 1960s bracelet.

    your christmas decor looks really great- it's simple and really clean, yet very festive. take THAT martha stewart! that's a really great idea to put little bows around bc it is a good bargain decoration choice, too!

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  8. Thanks everyone although I have to give credit to my BFF- this is her decorated house (I thought it would make a great photo opp!) Shybiker- I asked her and she would love the company but unfortunately she'll be back home in NJ- maybe next year? ;)

  9. New Jersey? That's around the corner from me! :)

  10. Oh yeah- you're a New Yorker (said with the proper accent!) Well I'm hoping to get up to the NJ area in the summer so I will let you know- maybe we can go to the Cake Boss' shop together :)


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