Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Cookies, Cocktails & Cheer

It's the most wonderful time of the year, a season of giving, and celebrating.  I hosted an intimate couple's soiree last Saturday night where I got the chance to try out a few new recipes and bake my first ever Holiday cookies (besides decorating my Dad's delicious sugar cookies as a child.)

Our $30 faux tree- hmm not looking that great so far

The boy got tired of decorating the tree and built a pillow tower on top of Marley (can you see his paw?)

The final product

Fun couple games and Christmas crackers= a must

Epsom Salt Decorated Candles- instructions here

Prepping for the Holiday Pom Cocktails (recipe here) to fill the glasses

White Candy Canes- recipe here and White Chocolate Thumbprints- recipe here

Stuffed Brie- recipe here and Balsamic Bruschetta- recipe here

The Holiday Feast

Just because she's cute

DIY picture board all spruced up for X-mas (reminder- must use CN Tower tickets before they expire!)

Epsom Salt Candle and Table Centrepiece

Tonight I am off to my good friend's Hanukkah party for some potato latkes and a few rounds of dreidle! I wanted to make dreidle and menorah shaped cookies but both Homesense and Michael's Arts & crafts were out so I had to improvise with some Christmas stars and Jewish coloured sprinkes (I didn't know sprinkles could choose a religion!)

White Chocolate Thumbprints all decked up for Hanukkah!

My new favourite trick- rimming martini glasses with coloured sugar for the upmost in elegance
Mamma Sita fell asleep on my wrapping paper :)

Have you hosted or attended any Holiday parties this year?


  1. I love all the recipes & DIY! Sometime I'll have to try one or two.. it looks like you are really getting into the holiday spirit.

  2. So festive! I am so looking forward to Christmas!



  3. What pretty and festive decorations! And I love your outfit: that's something I would so wear.

  4. lovely pictures, girl! =)

  5. cute pics!! you have a great blog! :)

    im going to follow you.
    i hope you can follow me back ^-^

  6. How cute, love the photos!!! Your cat is so cute!!!

  7. Thanks for getting me in the Christmas mood! Sweet cat too. & thanks very very much for the comment, too.

  8. wow, you're so ready for christmas :)
    cool decoration!
    the snacks look tasty LOL
    cute cat btw ;)

    Castor Pollux

  9. Ahm, lovin' that dress on you pretty woman/Martha Stewart!

    Now, that's the kind of dinner I want to be invited too! Sweet and intimate!

  10. cute kitty! :D XXXX ♥

  11. Aww thanks everyone-looks like my kitties should model my outfits they're so cute ;) I hope you all have a relaxing and wonderful Holiday season!

    xo Emily

  12. I love the sugar rimmed cocktails! Going to have to do that. And the cats are dead cute!

  13. It's really easy Emily- you just rim the glasses with freshly squeezed limes and dip the rims in coloured sugar!

  14. this just made me hungry!
    welcome to the wonderful world of twitter! It's highly addictive! ha!
    I'll find you and follow you :)

    nice to see fellow ottawa bloggers out there!


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