Monday, November 15, 2010


The city of Beverly Hills.  Currently in competition with NYC for my favourite city in the world.  Shopping on Rodeo Drive, people watching from cafes, sunshine filled streets, beautiful people and fabulous fashion.  Does it get any better?! The boy and I just spent three days in this fantastic city and the urge to ship the cats, my wardrobe and some furniture from Ottawa to Beverly Hills 90201 was beyond tempting!

The Hotel

We stayed at the charming boutique Avalon Hotel, where I Love Lucy filmed her poolside scenes and Marilyn Monroe used to grace the hotel with her presence (I like to think that her ghost was in the room with us- giving me subconscious fashion advice!)

I love this idea for hanging towels

The Food

I love food and Beverly Hills provided culinary experiences for even the pickiest eater (aka me).  I managed to schmooze my way into getting a free breakfast for the boy and I at the Avalon- delicious! We dined poolside in the courtyard as often as possible as the weather was beautiful and the people watching fabulous (I definitely let a Glamazon take a sip of my yummy Avalon cocktail!)

We had lunch at 208 Rodeo- a great patio right beside the likes of Valentino and Chanel, followed by dessert at Famous Cupcakes- the Kardashian's favourite sweet shop- yum yum (I'm embarrased to say that the boy and I wolfed down 4 cupcakes in ten minutes tops!)

The Culture

I ensured that there were some cultural activities on my carefuly crafted itinerary so as not to be drowning in clothing and shopping.  We spent a few hours at the Museum of Tolerance which had a fantastic exhibit on the Holocaust as well as modern day issues such as Terrorism and Racism.  We watched a moving video called "From Hate to Hope"- try and watch this without shedding a tear!

We also attended the opening of the Love/Hate LA art exhibit at the Strange which featured a hilarious adult Barbie exhibit that I might try and imitate for our bedroom (imagine Barbie and GI Joe in all sorts of naughty poses!)

Captain Chaar at the Museum of Tolerance- Millenium Section

I was having a French moment

The City

Pictures are worth a thousand words for Beverly Hills. Let's just say that I woke up everyday with a smile on my face and I sang and danced in the streets...a lot.  The boy knew I dreamed of driving along the coast of California in a convertible so we rented a Mustang!

I could get used to living here...

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses

I somehow adopted this as my 'model' pose...I should probably keep my day job!

Pure bliss

Only disappointment- I wanted to see more real-life Barbies!

This is what passes as a gas station in Beverly Hills

I die.

The Shopping and the Outfits
Rodeo Drive was purely window shopping as my credit cards don't stretch to designer limits! I did however have a nice shopping spree in Anthropologie and my sweet boyfriend bought me a beautiful gold plated snake bracelet from this fierce clothing/candy boutique called A Sweet.  The highlight of my Beverly Hills trip was walking on Rodeo Drive with my pigtails and Canadian innocence and being stopped by an older woman who called me "So Hollywood" and asked to take a photo of me! Can you imagine- I was wearing an H&M shirt and a thrifted skirt- my outfit probably cost less than $100 in total! Guess it pays to walk with a swagger!

Me Hollywood?!
Shirt- H&M
Shoes- Winners
Purse- Thrifted

The beautiful snake bracelet from my boyfriend <3

Shirt- Anthropologie
Leopard Pumps- Aldo (gifted from E)
Pleather Jacket-Thrifted
Snake Bracelet- A Sweet, Beverly Hills

Dress- Anthropolgie (originally $160, reduced to $29.99!)
Sandals- Marks & Spencer, UK
Sunglasses- Aldo
Earrings- The Bay
Corset Belt- Boutique Store in Leeds, UK

My purchases thus far (including the really cute skull from Venice Beach and fab designer purple boots from Santa Monica- to be blogged about soon!)

Have a fabulous week everyone!

**P.S. Check out this adorable post my High School BFF (now a fabulous budding journalist in NB) wrote about me on her blog the grownup diaries


  1. lovely outfit and that gas station is crazy! haha. and dining beside a pool? it's like, I'm going for a swim can you feed me wow that would be a life... great pics!

  2. Em, I think you have done a fabulous job as usual on your blog!!! Carrie Bradshaw has tough competition big time!!! Your fashions are exquisite indeed. Look forward to next time.

  3. WOW these photos are amazing. the hotel was stunning. all of your outfits are GIRGE! looks so fun...i have to visit LA one day soon!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. Love, love, love your pictures from your trip! Looks like you had such a fun time in L.A. The Anthropologie dress is so fabulous, I love all of the colors! Thank you for sharing!


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by to say hello!

  5. Whoa! How beautiful! I would love to visit Beverly Hills some day and NYC definitely!

    P.S. : I am convinced that I must have those adorable flats!

  6. Looks like you are having a wonderful time in Hollywood. You look so happy! All the food pictures are yummy looking, especially the cupcakes. The Anthropologie dress is beautiful and I really like your H&M skirt & thrift shirt.

  7. First off, this looks like loads of fun and really luxurious! I've never been to Beverly Hills but your photos make it look great! Also, you look really cute. I'm torn about my favourite outfit. I love the yellow skirt one-really chilled out and chic. And I also love that amazing Anthropologie dress. It makes you look like Betty Draper by the pool!

  8. Oh I hope you're having so much fun! I can't wait to get back to Cali, although I've got a couple of months to wait... have you been to San Diego yet???


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