Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food, Wine and...Christmas?

It's no secret that I love food and I love wine.  Over the weekend, I went to the Ottawa Food and Wine Show with some friends.  My favourite sampling booths featured flower-shaped cheese and Sangria from Mambo! Plus the event provided me with the perfect opportunity to wear my faux fur vest I bought at Young Jane's Vintage a few months ago.  Although the downside of wearing this vest was that some old man started stroking me; another guy mimed throwing blood at me (despite my pleas of "But it's fake!") and I got called Lady Gaga a couple of times (which actually happens more than I'd like to admit!)

Faux Fur Vest- Young Jane's Vintage, Ottawa
Black Clutch- Thrifted
Black Boots- Aldo
Dress and Tights- Primark, UK

But Christmas? It's only November 9th! Well today marks the day that I have officially finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped all the presents! Neurotic you might say...well yes that plus the fact that I will be going to England to visit my Mum and Step-Dad for X-Mas so I need to ship off my presents to my Canadian family asap.  Isn't Christmas shopping a great excuse for us shopaholics! We get to spend money with no guilt, because we are buying for others.  And if that new perfume we were lusting after happens to make its way to the checkout, well that's just the name of the game! Check out Martha Stewart's perfect gift wrapping skills- I gave up after the first attempt!

When do you usually start your Holiday shopping?


  1. :) Thanks for your comment, made me laugh with your "jewellery orgasm"! xo

  2. Looks like I missed yet another great Ottawa function... sigh... You look fantastic! Love the vest, great score!

  3. that vest is smoking on you! love it!

    thanks for you comments on my blog too. love hearing from you!


  4. You look adorable! I really like the outfit its very nice. I am a procrastinator, I star shopping like a week before Christmas lol.


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