Saturday, November 27, 2010

gimme that girl with the hair in a mess

I love country music and I'm not ashamed of this fact! I used to despise it, dismissing it as uneducated, hick music.  Then I lived in rural Ontario for a summer and there was literally nothing else to listen to on the radio.  So I adapted, and now it is my favourite genre of music.  The song that really started off my love for country was Whiskey Lullaby by Allison Krauss and Brad Paisley (listen here- the song actually starts around 2 mins) which is hauntingly beautiful and my high school drama group used it as the soundtrack for a short play we wrote.

I am curently loving the country song Gimme that Girl by Joe Nichols (listen here- he's not bad on the eyes either!) which is about a guy telling his girl how beautiful she is without makeup on, just lounging around the house.  I think my boyfriend wished I wore jeans and t-shirts more (as blogged about here) so I thought it would be fun to do this post.  I'm not a big makeup wearer (a swipe of mascara and lip gloss and I'm dolled up) but I never wear sneakers or sweatpants (unless I'm working out or sick and even then I'm self conscious). The beautiful Marilou from Twenty York Street has also admitted to wearing little to no makeup and she is stunning!

For this post, I threw on a cute t-shirt from and a pair of comfy jeggings and went barefoot (around the condo, don't worry I didn't pull a Britney!)  Wearing heels and nice outfits makes me more confident, but hey we can't always be fabulous.  Even fashionistas need to take a break sometimes! And guess what, the majority of men don't even notice when we're wearing heels as blogged about here.

Hang up that red dress,
let down your hair,
cancel those reservations
there's no need to go nowhere.
As good as you're looking right now,
girl I bet your'e thinkin I'm crazy,
there's a side of you that I wanna see
that never ceases to amaze me. 

Gimme that girl with the hair in a mess
sleepy little smile with her head on my chest,
thats the you that i like best,
gimme that girl.
Gimme that girl lovin up on me,
old t-shirt and a pair of jeans,
thats the you i wanna see,
gimme that girl.

Gimme the girl that's beautiful,
without a trace of makeup on,
barefoot in the kitchen**
singing her favorite song.
Dancing around like a fool,
starring in her own little show,
gimme the girl the rest of the world,
ain't lucky enough to know. 

**and while I was barefoot in the kitchen I decided to make tofu pad thai!
 Have a great weekend ladies and don't forget to let your hair down!


  1. beautiful


  2. I'm with you and Marilou on the no makeup thing. Since I'm curse with teenage-ance prone skin, I only doll up for special occasions.

    You look beautiful!

    I'm not a big country fan... but there are some songs that I do like. Usually they are more "pop-country". But I do enjoy that country music has interesting lyrics, not just nonsense put together to sound good.

  3. I love your blog! You have a fun style.

    Coincidentally, I was in San Diego this summer and took photos of some of the same places you did. I also visited Balboa Park. In my newest post, I'm even wearing a SD jacket!

    Hope to see more of your blog in the future.

  4. haha I'm always wearing jeans and a tank top that I think my bf wants me to dress up more! but then again my work doesn't require us to dress in work outfits either so we dress pretty relaxed here. you look lovellyyyy, can't wait to meet you :D


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