Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Black, The Blue & the Beret

Sometimes fashion is about not taking yourself too seriously and playing with colours, textures and styles.  I'm sick (yet again) with a cold and when I'm under the weather I like to wear fun outfits to counter-act my blah mood.  Today I wore a wool beret (cute but can you say itchy!) by Alfred Sung that I bought at Zellers for $10! I also layered my tights as it is freezing outside and I don't want to catch pneumonia! (Please disregard my visible bra- no one informed me of this before leaving for work- don't you hate when that happens!)

I ran out of pose ideas so safe bet= grab a book and act studious!

Wool Beret- Alfred Sung for Winners
Grey Turtleneck Dress- Gap
Black Boots- Spring (a little worse for wear!)
Blue Tights- Primark (worn here)
Black Socks- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Thrifted
I'm currently in a hat mood- my cat Mamma Sita with my new felt fedora from Urban Outfitters and handpainted skull from Venice Beach, CA
On an unrelated note, my Dad shipped the boy and I these Personalized M&M's with our faces on them and the message 'sweeter than candy'.Apparently he wanted them to write 'bite me' on the M&M's but they didn't approve! I blogged about these sweet candy gifts here.

What do you like to wear when you're in a fun mood?


  1. Adorable. The beret and tights are a cute combo.
    Your cat is adorable! She looks tiny. Or that awesome skull is pretty big.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. interesting, I've never seen purple m&ms before! and love your blue tights that you are wearing

  3. LOVE your sweet hat hunnie..and of course the fun tights too:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  4. Thanks ladies! Ashelle- Mamma Sita is a pretty tiny cat especially compared to my huge orange tabby Marley! Have a great weekend everyone xo

  5. What do I wear in a fun mood? Something eclectic :D I combine pieces after pieces after pieces; layer on layer styling!

  6. I didn't know Dad was doing that, that's awesome!!


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