Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting!

Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy this day of fancy dress-up, candy bingeing and spooking your friends!  I am still in Newfoundland on work so last night I put on my costume; strutted around the hotel room for a few minutes and then retired to the bed! (You know you're getting older when...)

As a fashionista, any excuse to dress up in outlandish and provocative outfits is greatly appreciated! Last year I dressed up as a rock star groupie (a la Rock of Love Bret Michaels style) and this year I pranced around the Sheraton Newfoundland as the Garden of Eve (or Mother Nature as the boy was calling me!)

Even the elephants and primates at the North Carolina Zoo get to enjoy some Halloween fun such as smashing pumpkins to stimulate their mental and physical senses!

Last Halloween: Bret Michaels and Rock Star Groupie

Marley the cowboy

Mamma Sita the Witch

This Halloween: Garden of Eve


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  2. wait! what did it say!


  3. It was Steph saying why didn't I wish her a Happy B-day on the blog- I didn't know it would show that I removed it- oops!

  4. ohh YUP I like the deleting of my post! haha

  5. hahahah, Marley the cowboy is so funny! I think he absolutely like this outfit! ^^

    have a nice day


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