Thursday, November 4, 2010

High Flying Fashion

When I was in Newfoundland last week on business, I had the opportunity to take a tour over St. John's in a Cougar Helicopter...for free! Now I have always wanted to go on a helicopter ride but I haven't wanted to shell out a few hundred dollars to do so.  Obviously I jumped on this chance and besides the slight nausea I felt while on the ride it was an incredible experience- I was bouncing around like a kid in a candy store!

Speaking of High Flying Fashion, everytime I'm on a plane I experience a split second notion of "I want to be a flight attendant, it would be so glamorous and I could wear a cute little box hat..." Then reality kicks in and I realize that flight attendants are glorified waitresses who are always on the fly and rarely at home.  But still, it's a nice fantasy isn't it? So to get my fix of fantasy flight attendants I watch the reality show Fly Girls on Cosmo TV which provides me with a small dose of glamour and excitement injected into my life. 

Flight attendant uniforms have changed drastically over the years- Pucci, Christian Dior and Nina Ricci are just a few designers who have managed to punch the uniforms up to catwalk level.  Check out this interesting article on the Global Traveler about these fashion forward flying high initiatives.

What's one job that you fantasize about?

Also, check out Shebelle's fabulous opportunity to be featured in a 2 page magazine spread for bloggers on Almost Sober:


  1. What great pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time! I'm jealous!;) Let's see, what's one job that I've always fantasized about? Definitely being a travel writer. I LOVE traveling, experiencing new places, meeting new people, getting outside of myself. I can't imagine a better job. Love the post and your blog! Following!!!:)


    Molly Jane

    ps. Stop by again soon and follow me!;)

  2. What stunning views! I love the east coast, I've only been once, on a camping trip, but I got to see Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Cape Breton... it was truly spectacular! (And I dream of being a T.V. host for a traveling food show. Or a chef. Anything food related. Where I can eat yummy things all day long!)



  3. looks like lotta fun
    ive never flown with one before

  4. Looks like u had tons of fun! Newfoundland would be so much fun. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's great connecting with other Ottawa bloggers.


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