Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue Tights at the Theatre

Before I begin, I wanted to give a creative thank you to my lovely boyfriend who came up with the title of this blog post (he was very proud of himself!)

Sunday night was date night so my boyfriend and I headed off to the Cineplex to see Easy A which was a silly, lighthearted teenage love story that we both enjoyed.  Two of my favourite female comedic actresses- Amanda Bynes and Lisa Kudrow were both featured and the leading role was played by Emma Stone who was adorable! I broke out my blue tights for the occasion and sported some new finds from the Clothing Swap I hosted on Saturday night (pictures to follow).

I just noticed that I am not standing in the 'floozy allotted' space!

Blue Tights- Primark UK
Leather Boots- Thrifted
Black Purse- Thrifted
Bubble Dress- Gifted from my Clothes Swap
Grey Cardigan- Gifted from a friend
Peacock Necklace- Gifted from my Clothes Swap

When we got home from Easy A, I was already in movie mode, so I decided to watch the Fashion Documentary: Seamless (2005) that I rented from the library.  It was an inspiring film that captured the trials and tribulations of four young designers: Doo Ri Chung from Do.Ri; Alexandre Plokhov of Cloak and Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler.  The movie appeared to be shot by an amateur videographer which added to the voyeurism aspect of viewers peering into the personal lives of the designers. I won't give away the story as I would recommend renting this film on a rainy day, multi-tasking as you paint your nails (as I like to do!) 
The beautiful Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief at Vogue

Doo Ri Chung with a model wearing a Doo.Ri for Gap white shirt

The young and handsome duo of Proenza Schouler

Russian born Alexandre Plokhov of Cloak

Five years later after the documentary was created; Doo.Ri  is still going strong, with a Spring 2011 collection released and a previous line created for the Gap; Cloak closed down its business in 2006, citing partnership issues as the main reason and Proenza Schouler is very successful, winning the 2009 CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year Award and being nominated in 2010. 

The take-away lesson from Seamless:

“The future doesn’t just happen, it is created…Our destiny is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We may need to follow in the wake of those who have gone before, but what we do and where we go is ultimately up to us. The attitude of initiative is an on-going state of exploration that is never finished…a journey that never ends.”- Unknown


  1. Cute post! I love the blue tights-really brightens up the outfit!

    xx Karen

  2. Love those tights they just add the right amount of pop of color

  3. you are too adorable. cute outfit!


  4. love the new header!(and a girl after my own heart with anna wintour!)



  5. Love love love the tights! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad I found yours, its a scream! sweetmagnoliacupcakes.blogspot.com

  6. Great quote at the end...will have to check that film out, hadn't heard of it!


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