Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ring Bling

Pinching Pennies (#1-5)

1.  Urban Outfitters- $16.00
2.  Kenneth Jay Lane from Rent the Runway- $25.00 ($125.00 retail)
3.  Forever 21- $4.80
4.  Forever 21- $4.80
5.  Urban Outfitters- $18.00

Splurging Splendour (#6-10) #7-10 from Bag, Borrow or Steal)

6.  Wendy Nichol
7.  Coach
8.  Chanel
9.  Mars & Valentine
10.  Louis Vuitton

I love rings- the bigger the better! I was recently organizing my jewellery collection and I counted 30 rings (not including my sentimental rings) .  Here are the pictures of the aforementioned ring bling in all their splendour!

L-R: Aldo; The Bay; Vintage; Aldo; Fashion Museum of Bath UK

L-R: Smart Set; Spring; Aldo (2 finger ring); The Bay
L-R: Gifted from my Mum; Smart Set; Gifted from my Boyfriend; Vintage; Lanvin

L-R: Aldo; Mac & Jac; Gifted from my Mum; Thrifted; Aldo
L-R: Smart Set; E-Bay; Aldo; The Bay; Gifted from my Grandmother

L-R: Zellers; Aldo; Spring; The Bay; Aldo

A fun twist on the cocktail ring is the nail ring, seen at the 2011 Spring/Summer Binetti show at NYC Fashion Week.  This trend makes me want to get off the couch and bejazzle my sparkly polsihed nails!

Nail rings seen at Binetti

Helpful Hint: A great tip that a friend shared with me to prevent your affordable rings from turning your fingers green (we've all been there!); is to coat the inside of the ring band with a thin layer of clear nail polish.  This will prevent your fingers from taking on the colour of a moldy piece of bread!


  1. nice collection, miss! I always seem to forget to put rings on... these are fab!



  2. I love rings, statement, cocktails and two-three fingers ones! But 30? WOW!


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  3. WOW! I just love the ring #2... it's fierce!!
    as its your blog, girl!
    Kisses from Brazil <3

  4. Cool rings!!! I hope you're feeling better/getting over that strep throat!

  5. holy moly! 30! how does a girl decide?


  6. Thank you! Everything is going well so far! I love this post by the way, Im on a search for a new ring!

    d e g a i n e


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