Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fantasy Weddings

"I let the wedding get bigger than Big"- Carrie Bradshaw

Ahh weddings, an occasion for the couple to share their profound love for each other and an opportunity for the guests to get silly drunk with no one batting an eye! Last weekend I attended a wedding in Etobicoke, Ontario (which yes is hard enough to pronounce sober let alone after the festivities!) The venue was a nondescript building on the outside that was transformed into a magical marriage land of blue, white, flowers and flowing alcohol inside .  The ceremony was perfect, not overly religious or lengthy and the food was even better- a four course meal that catered to my picky vegetarian taste buds.  And then the dancing- a wedding is the best place to test out your new MTV inspired dance moves without being banned from the club!  As I am known to lean heavily on the sappy sweet romantic side (just ask my boyfriend how many times I have mentioned the M word in our 9 month relationship!); this wedding got me to thinking about what I would like to do when I tie the knot.  So I have compiled two very distinct options for your reading pleasure (following the obligatory wedding photos- so read on!)

The wedding favours were miniature martini glasses!

Alanna and I

The crew

Pear and orange sorbets- we couldn't wait to dig in (hence the spoon imprints!)

Kelly and the next white Michael Jackson breaking it down!

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for...(drumroll please)... my fantasy wedding(s)!

First up...Tacky and Trashy Wedding (admittedly not the two words most people string together when conjuring up images of their fantasy wedding but bear with me...)

Destination:   Las Vegas Baby!!! With Marilyn Munroe to sing and perform the ceremony!

Wedding Dress:  Dress up party- think pirates and wenches!

Guests:  Any D-list celebrities I can find off the street!

Cake: I think a DQ Ice Cream cake will do just fine!

Honeymoon:  Hershey, Pennsylvania (Chocolate is my vice!)

Honeymoon activies:  Chocolate spa services at the Hotel Hershey and riding cheaply manufactured roller coasters at HersheyPark!

Ok I know this sounds cheesy but I think it would be amazing...the only thing is I don't think my family would go for it! So that's where the Elegant and Ethereal Wedding comes in.

Destination: On a private beach somewhere accessible to all my guests (think North America)

Wedding Dress:  Tailored, elegant and unique (like this beautiful red beaded dress I fell in love with in Rome)

Guests: 50 of my closest family and friends

Cake:  Fairycakes/Cupcakes- sweet, delicious and a flavour to meet everyone's needs!

Honeymoon: Dubrovnik, Crotia (one of my former colleagues used to vacation here every summer and it sounds magical!)

Honeymoon activies: Sailing, shopping, and exploring..need I say more?

Now that I've put my fantasy weddings out there for all to copy ;)- what is your fantasy wedding?


  1. I'll be there chicka, but I think you should wait a few years, just like Carrie on SATC!
    - molly

  2. I like all the creative ideas shown here whether it is of wedding dress or location for vows. Truly all are really fascinating, especially the pictures of wedding cake is wonderful. I loved it!!


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