Friday, October 8, 2010

Save a Turkey, Gobble a Veggie

I'm not trying to preach or convert all the Carnivores into Veggies.  Believe me- I used to loooovee Thanksgiving dinner- the crisp stuffed turkey paired with all the dressings- mmmm! As a recent vegetarian (2 years and counting!) I am always looking for tasty veggie dishes.  Last Thanksgiving, I cooked up a Tofurkey which is, for all of you who don't know, a tofu turkey! It was honestly one of the worst meals I have ever had! (I will however give them props for thinking of everything- even wishstix!) Mind you I'm a picky eater so don't take my word for it, but here is some photographic evidence:

Looks harmless enough...
Finished product

Tofurkey Jerky wishstix

Apple & Cranberry Dumplings

Mushroom Gravy

So as Turkey and Tofurkey are ruled out- I found this website with Vegetarian Thanksgiving options such as wild rice and cranberry soup; winter squash risotto and cranberry nut bread- yum! I will be in Toronto for a wedding over the weekend, so I won't have an available kitchen to whip up some of these recipes but if you're a vegetarian or if you want to Save a Turkey and Gobble a Veggie, then why not try an alternative Thanksgiving meal!  The turkeys will thank you!

PETA is a bit too extremist for me but I stumbled across this interesting advertisement that was created for NBC in 2009.  NBC banned this ad so it was never ran but it is an interesting concept- a young girl saying grace for the poor Turkey they are about to eat.  The way that the article by PETA is written is a little offputting, it almost seems like brainwashing of children- what do you think?

So no matter what your culinary desires are this Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks for everything that you are grateful for! I will be giving thanks for my health, my wonderful friends and family, my sanity (although this is debatable!) and all my wonderful clothes and shoes (well this is a Fashion blog after all!)


Last propoganda piece- I promise!

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  1. What a cute post! I love vegetables though not a vegetarian, so I did have a serving of turkey this weekend. Poor turkey!


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