Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boots & Bibs

I'm currently half asleep in my hotel room in Newfoundland.  Travelling for work is not as glamourous as I thought it would be-room service is my new friend! The scenary in Newfoundland (or the Rock as its affectionately called) is breathtaking! I will post my Newfoundland pictures in a few days but for now I still have some Nova Scotia pictures to get through!

Boots & Bibs...I have openly expressed my love of boots (here and here) but bibs? What's that all about? That's about my beautiful one month old step-niece named Amelia Juliet Vaughan! My step sister Lauren is the proud Mum and Amelia is a sweetie (and the first baby I've ever picked up due to my fear of harming their soft spot!) While I was home we had the opportunity to have some family photos taken and I have shared some of the better ones -of me that is! ;) below.

Sister, Father, Step-Niece and Educational Baby Toy :)

As you can tell she's a hot commodity- everyone is trying to grab her from me!

I might have been cooing at this point...

A little spit up- just part of the experience!

Grey T-shirt; Black Cardigan and Black Belt- Smart Set
Felt Fedora- Mac & Jac ($10 from Zellers!)
Boots- Thrifted (yes I've been wearing these too often!)

Sister Stephanie; Moi; Father Paul; Step-Mom Lora Lee; Step-Sister Lauren; Step-Niece Amelia and Step-Sister Kathleen (poor Dad is outnumbered- even the three cats are all female!)

The Brown Family in all its glory!

Dress: Smart Set (worn here)
Black Bow Headband: Mac & Jac
Grey Shoes: Andrew Geller (worn here)

Now I'm off to bed- busy day of meetings tomorrow- I promise to be more blogger friendly once I'm back to reality!

Before I go I will leave you with one more image- Happy Halloween from Amelia!

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  1. snazzy fedora you've got there! =)


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