Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Remarks

It's Friday, I'm still recovering from strep throat and I'm tired.  So instead of a long ramble, I decided to keep it short and sweet- TGIF!

I want... a new wardrobe for the fall

I wish... that saying was as easy as doing

I love... all the people in my life

I miss... the warm weather

I fear...  that any of the Criminal Minds plots will happen to me

I hope... to someday work in the Fashion Industry

I wonder... if I live in the clouds too much

The fabulous fashion cards can be found on Connie Lim's websiteHave a great Friday!


  1. Ben's Response:
    i want: water.
    i wish: i could sleep all day tomorrow.
    i love: my baby.
    i miss: having a tv.
    i fear: working the rest of my life.
    i hope: i get a new job.
    i wonder: where you go when you die.

    Elizabeth's Response:
    i want: dining room chairs
    i wish: i had more money
    i love: fall
    i miss: my family
    i fear: working the rest of my life.
    i hope: ben gets a new job.
    i wonder: where i will be in 5 yrs.

  2. This post is so so cool! Am I seeing you at the OFW?


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  3. I wish I could make it to OFW- I am in Newfoundland for work the same week!!! I will be avidly awaiting your posts on the event though!

    xo Emily


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