Monday, October 18, 2010

Gap Girl

As some of you may have heard, Gap revealed its new logo online on October 4th.  Not a big deal except that it stirred up major controversy and was so despised that the logo is now history at the young age of one week old.  Gap wanted to expand its brand from classically chic to sexy and modern but clearly this is not the image that the American public had in mind.  It just goes to show that sometimes the old trumps the new and don't fix what ain't broken!

Gap is meaningful to me for 2 reasons:

1) My first real job was working as a Sales Associate at the Gap in MicMac Mall, Nova Scotia.  I LOVED my job and took it so seriously that I was promoted to the Store Greeter ("Hello, welcome to the Gap, today all women's shirts are 20% off...) Actually now that I think about it this might have been a demotion as no one actually listened to my speel!

Back in my Gap Days I got my ear cartilage pierced on my lunch break (only to be removed months later as it never healed); I worked 12 hour shifts without complaining (and wearing thigh high boots at that!); I was asked out by the cute stock boy (although I was 16 and he wanted to take me out for a drink so nothing came of that!) and I got braces (awful awful apparatus!)

2) One of my favourite stories is how my best friend from New Jersey is now banned from a Gap store in Ottawa for getting into an American-style verbal attack with the Sales Associate about her wrinkly linen pants!

So for old time's sake- I scavenged for some photos of me in all my Gap Day glory (wearing all Gap of course!)
With my Mum at Tivoli Park in Denmark (braces- check; boring fashion sense-check!)

Scowling in Spain (Palma de Mallorca with my Step Dad and younger sister)

Oh did I mention I was a huge Gap flirt? NYC

I still love Gap for basics and jeans and here are my top picks for the Fall from

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  1. Cute post! Gotta say, the old definitely trumps the new when it comes to the Gap logo!


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