Friday, September 20, 2013

Target- Canuck style!

Skirt- Bettie Page; Sweater- Smart Set; Shoes- Thrifted; Fedora- Zellers; Necklace- The Bay; Bracelets- Le Chateau (Photo courtesy of Anna Epp Photography)
This week marked a bargain milestone in Ottawa's fashion community, the grand opening of Target! If you're an American reader, you're probably scratching your head and thinking huh? but it's true, the red bulls eye is just making its way up North and let me tell you, us Canucks are loving it!

What's even more exciting is that Billings Bridge Shopping Centre provided myself and fellow bloggers with the opportunity to tour the store the day before it opened to the public.  The following day we were treated to a lovely breakfast and given $50 to shop (which goes a long way at Target!) I ended up buying a delicate jewellery set and a fabulous red structured handbag for fall which I will showcase in an upcoming photoshoot.

Here's a look at some of my favourite Target treasures:
{I would love to add these ornamental elephants to my growing animal figurine collection.}

{Speaking of animals, I love these animal print bathroom accessories.}
{Neon sports bras, need I say more?}

{If I was still in University this would be my back to school ensemble of choice.}

{To infinity (scarf) and beyond!}

{The colours and prints on the Phillip Lim for Target collection are fab!}

{Leopard print, black and gold is a winning combination in my style books!} 
{One can never have too many statement necklaces!}

{Subtly patterned denim.}

(With Hippie Lace & Samantha Dolly ) Dress & Necklace- Thrifted; Shoes- Walmart; Tights- Aldo (Photo courtesy of Our Mode)

I'm looking forward to returning to Target, most likely for Halloween candy, Christmas shopping, beauty products, outfit replenishing etc. etc.  You name it and Target has it!
Are you a Target addict?


  1. They have the Phillip Lim pieces!!! Why am I not still in Ottawa??

  2. I couldn't make it that morning due to my work obligations. I ended shopping at billings bridge the next day with a few Phillip Lim pieces found! I will showcase my pieces soon on the blog. Can't wait for your upcoming post!


  3. Awesome, You Are Always Invited To Such Wonderful Events, And A Great Spokesperson And MoDel For Target. Dawn xo

  4. Target is a GREAT store -- wide selection, nice atmosphere, super prices. It's among my favorite places to shop. And, luckily, they just built a new one near my house. It even has groceries!

  5. Love this post! Looks like you had a fun time! I was so sad I couldn't make it, I wish I could have run around target with you guys! I'll have to check out the Billings location next week :)

  6. You had me at that sparkly rack of statement necklaces! I'm waiting for the crowds to die down, then I look forward to checking it out!
    I really love the skirt you wore. The longer pencil style reminds me of the 40s, and it hugs your figure perfectly.

  7. Get ready to break your bank! Ok I'm kidding, but you'll soon learn you can never go into Target for just one thing! I love my Target pretty hardcore!

  8. I know you are so excited to finally get a Target!
    Just watch out cuz that's where all your money will go now LOL

  9. I didn't know Target was non-existent in Canada until recently! Target is a dangerous, dangerous place ;)

  10. love the patterned denim! wish there was a Target in UK as well :)

    The Provocative Couture

  11. I miss being able to go shopping at target. I worked there for 3 years back in the day

  12. what a fun festive outfit

  13. I have to confess I am a Target addict, the selections are awesome ( and the blogworld is full of evil people trying to steer one towards even more purchases)

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