Sunday, June 30, 2013

tiaraiconloco for Koku

Scarf- Won (at Koku Nail Bar Launch); Skirt- Spoof ; Blouse, Ring & Purse- Thrifted; Sandals- Priceless UK; Sunglasses- Smart Set; Bracelets- Joe Fresh & Gifted; Earrings- Joe Fresh; Toe Nail Polish- Jaded by Revlon; Finger Nail Art- Koku Nail Bar
I've professed my nail polish addiction many times before (I currently own 144 bottles, and counting...) so when Marilou of SkyFall Blue invited me to the launch of Koku Nail Bar, I RSVP'd yes as quickly as my Top Speed by Revlon nail polish dries! I removed my nail polish so that the Koku nail artists could work their magic and as it was the first time my naked nails had seen the light of day in years and I couldn't get them funkified fast enough. 
Koku nail artist extraordinaire, Lisa Holdenn, hand painted my nails with leopard spots, roses, geometric shapes, bows and glitter.  Her precision and creativity was superb and the nail art took less than 15 minutes! 
Fadi, owner of Thann is also Co-Owner of Koku so not only will your nails look great, your hands will feel luxuriously smooth thanks to the use of Thann products. 
If you live in Ottawa and don't have time to spend at the spa, Koku Nail Bar (located on the ground floor of St.Laurent Centre) specializes in 11 minute manis and pedis for the gal or guy on the go.  If you love being pampered and value attention to detail, then Koku is the place for you and your nails!
Jumping (literally!) for joy when I won a gift bag full of awesome goodies including the pink & cream scarf (worn on this post), a purple scarf & cruelty free makeup. (Photo source: Richard Tardif) 
 You can check out more of Koku's nail designs on their Facebook page and featured in the launch video and before long, you too will be  loco for Koku!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Dress- Zara; Belt & Purse Bow- AMH Style; Shoes- Max's Footwear; Necklace- Joe Fresh;  Clutch- Vintage; Earrings, Ring & Hair Brooch- Thrifted; Hair Bow- Forever 21; Nail Polish- Sew Psyched by Essie
On Friday night I danced the night away thanks to winning Jen from Apple & Floss' contest for two tickets to Bash en Blanc, an evening out in support of the Snowsuit Ball.  It's rare that I wear white because a) I crave colour and b) I'm a clumsy eater.  Sure enough, by the end of the night I had spilled brushetta on my white dress but it was fun to follow a theme and I added black and glitzy accessories to keep things interesting. 

My man's outfit: T-shirt- Demu; Pants- Tommy Hilfiger; Fedora- Hudson's Bay Company

The best part about attending the event was finding my man something to wear, which meant a white-out shopping spree complete with his first fedora ever!

Have you ever attended a white party? What did you wear?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

tiaraiconinstagram images

With my recent increase in professional, volunteer and personal activities, I haven't had much time to blog so I've become reliant on simple & speedy Instagram to capture fun outfits, delicious meals and interesting moments.  Here are a few of my Instagram images from the past few weeks:

{An unexpected colour combination of fuschia pink & army green.}
{Marley & Mama Sita using the hardwood floors as their cooling system on a humid day.}

{DIY 'lucky' shoes for my work's annual fundraising event Stepping Out which features a shoe competition- which I couldn't participate in as staff but still had fun decorating my heels!}
{I accessorized my outfit with an Audi cap to match my beloved auto.}
{Au naturel, no filter, no makeup, no glitz or glam, just me.}
{After attending a wildlife sanctuary I stopped by a country store for some fudge and left with this adorable cow print which is now hanging in my stairwell.}
{Centennial Bell- which was featured in the film "National Treasures" in Philadelphia where I attended a four day work conference.}
{Rainy day Sunday attire complete with rubber boots and knee highs.}
{My man is a pro at creating delicious meals from sparse fridge contents. Featured here is pan fried tofu with three different dipping sauces; oven roasted potatoes and homemade hummus with organic vegetables.}
{Debuting the fedora I bought at the Billing's Bridge Instagram Party, paired with my favourite patterned pants from Old Navy}

Are you on Instagram? If so, leave your account name in the comments below, I would love to follow you!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Dress (worn like this)- Gap; Belt- United Colours of Benetton; Shoes & Tank-Top- Thrifted; Flower Hairband- Peacocks, UK; Purse- Aldo; Bracelet- Sears; Rings- Gifted; Nail Polish- Lapis of Luxury by Essie

Whenever I wear this dress I feel like a piece of blue & white china, the kind that my Mum collects.  Dainty but funky. I bought this dress a couple of years ago at Gap and love the pattern so much I also own it in a vest.  For a work outfit I decided to style the dress with red accents and added the floral headband for the photos as I felt under-accessorized (when it comes to accessories, I am a more is more kind of gal!)

The weather is finally warm enough to open our pool so I plan on spending a good part of the weekend poolside with an alcoholic beverage (it's been a long week!), a good book and a cute swimsuit!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 7, 2013

tiaraiconaccessory addict {belts}

Belt (via
  • an object that can be made out of leather, pleather, metal, cloth even paper, that is used to hold pants, shorts or skirts up
1: nice belt
2: thanks its holding my pants up

1: whats it made from???
2: Paper
1: cool

For the 5th installment of my accessory addict series (having previously highlighted shoes, jewellery, hats & scarves), I focus my attention towards belts.  Often overlooked or seen as a practical means of keeping your bottoms from reaching the floor (which I am in strongly in favour of!), belts can be just as decorative and ornamental as jewellery.  Belts are now longer worn just at the hips and are moving their way up north as a colourful way to define the waist.  In fact, I rarely use belts for their intended purpose and instead curate them as an accessory that stands alone (as my 76 belts strong collection can attest to!)





 {Scarf worn as belt- Thrifted}

{Forever 21}
{Peacocks, London UK}
{Spoof, Toronto}
{Scarf worn as belt-Thrifted}

Are you bananas about belts?