Tuesday, June 18, 2013

instagram images

With my recent increase in professional, volunteer and personal activities, I haven't had much time to blog so I've become reliant on simple & speedy Instagram to capture fun outfits, delicious meals and interesting moments.  Here are a few of my Instagram images from the past few weeks:

{An unexpected colour combination of fuschia pink & army green.}
{Marley & Mama Sita using the hardwood floors as their cooling system on a humid day.}

{DIY 'lucky' shoes for my work's annual fundraising event Stepping Out which features a shoe competition- which I couldn't participate in as staff but still had fun decorating my heels!}
{I accessorized my outfit with an Audi cap to match my beloved auto.}
{Au naturel, no filter, no makeup, no glitz or glam, just me.}
{After attending a wildlife sanctuary I stopped by a country store for some fudge and left with this adorable cow print which is now hanging in my stairwell.}
{Centennial Bell- which was featured in the film "National Treasures" in Philadelphia where I attended a four day work conference.}
{Rainy day Sunday attire complete with rubber boots and knee highs.}
{My man is a pro at creating delicious meals from sparse fridge contents. Featured here is pan fried tofu with three different dipping sauces; oven roasted potatoes and homemade hummus with organic vegetables.}
{Debuting the fedora I bought at the Billing's Bridge Instagram Party, paired with my favourite patterned pants from Old Navy}

Are you on Instagram? If so, leave your account name in the comments below, I would love to follow you!


  1. Loving the photos. The kitties are adorable :) The fedora has attitude. Love it!

    I just started doing Instagram but haven't even figured it out quite yet, ha ha! It's stylejourney1

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  3. I've been keeping up with you Emily! HaHa Instagram is a great way for capturing life.

  4. Love seeing all your picture on IG. I also have been using it more for my outfit of the day. amyfashionblog

  5. the dice shoes are a HOOT!

  6. I love Instagram! I've been following you and you have been following me I know - we share a love of the kitties, that is for sure! I love the kitty pictures! And taking pictures of mine!

  7. nope, I don't have an account there but I loved seeing all of your photos and discover what you have been up to. I have to say your outfits are always so well combined and every detail about them just looks totally right. btw, those DIY heels are particularly awesome!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. i'm not on instagram, but i like to look at the pics of others. i want that hummus right now! what crazy fun heels you decorated. i like the fuschia and army green color combo too. i've been looking for a new hat. my guy needs a new fedora. i'm so digging the audi style. you look very pretty natural emily!

  9. So many things to say! I have long loved army green and fuchsia as a colour combination, and gold is a great accent, so I really like this outfit. I think you look super-pretty without makeup :) That cow painting is bold but I think it's awesome, it'll be a great statement piece in your house. I hope you'll show a pic when it's hung! You make even rainy day attire look cool. Way to go Em!

  10. Your kitties are so so so cute! And you look gorgeous without the makeup - I love how perfect your skin is :) Jealllllous.

  11. Aw, what a cute cow picture. And those dice shoes are amazing! You're really talented.

  12. No, I am not on Instagram, but I know it's practical! I loved your first top! And the sweet cats! Really nice pictures and I am looking forward to more Instagram pictures here - it's also blogging! Well done!


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