Thursday, April 4, 2013

accessory addict {shoes}

When most people refer to accessories, they are talking about jewellery.  To me, an accessory is the cherry on top of the (plant milk) sundae, anything that adds an extra element of fabulosity (hats, shoes, jewellery, belts, scarves, etc. etc.) I first discovered the power of a pair of shoes as a great accessory in grade 9 when I was drawn to a pair of red studded, pointy toed heels from Le Chateau.  I wore these shoes to school, out for family dinners and even once to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.  When my high school peers were wearing sneakers and American Eagle sweatpants, I was dressed up in skirts and heels. I am an enthusiastic shoe supporter and my clothes room currently houses 85 pairs (not including flip flops and boots) and counting!
{Fergalicious by Fergie heels from The Bay}
{Andrew Gellar, consigned}

 {Guess shoes from the Hidden Treasures fundraising sale}




Sage asked me if I build my outfit around my shoes or if they are the finishing touch.  It depends on the ensemble (for example this look was inspired by the shoes) but because I have so many shoes, I rarely have a problem finding a pair that matches so usually add them as the last styling component. 

 {Thrifted with DIY silver button embellishment}

 {Because no country music lover's wardrobe is complete without a pair of vintage cowboy boots!}

{Jessica Simpson clogs bought at Hidden Treasures}
{Priceless Shoes, Colchester UK}
{Max's Footwear Boutique & Cobbler}

{Pour la Victoire, Santa Monica.  Photo credited to Maureen Murphy, photographed at Stepping Out  2011}

If you're an altruistic shoeaholic living in Ottawa, there is an upcoming charitable event that will knock your shoes stilettos off! Dress for Success Ottawa (where I work full-time as a Program Manager), is hosting its annual fundraising evening called Stepping Out on May 30th at 7pm at Lago Bar & Grill.  Besides delicious canapés, refreshing cocktails & a wonderful silent auction, attendees are asked to wear their most fabulous footwear and later in the evening there will be a shoe-off (and this year a DIY shoe category has been added!) You can buy your tickets and learn more about Dress for Success here
{Gifted from Aldo}
{Urban Outfitters}

{Spring Shoes, Place d'Orleans}
{One of my most beloved pairs of heels I bought at a garage sale for only $2!}
{Gifted from Aldo}
{Nine West from Winners}
{Charlotte Russe, Santa Monica}
{Payless flats with DIY glitter}

{A sampling of my shoe collection, displayed in my clothes room}

Are you a shoe-aholic? What is your favourite shoe style?


  1. Your shoes are just as fun as your clothes, jewelry and hair accessories. I think that's awesome. I love sandals and ballet flats. Great post girl! That first pic reminded me of a Nu Shooz video (point of no return song).

  2. I love shoes as well. I think in part because a lot of clothing companies don't make tall or don't make tall in size 14, but I can usually find a size 10 shoe. I'd like to get better at thrifting shoes though; I don't usually have much luck, but I always look!

  3. Damn, girl! I love your shoe collection, but I'm really diggin' those Target wedges. Do you start with the shoes and then build your outfit, or the other way around?

  4. You couldn't have said it better. Shoes are like a sundae and the cherry on top! You have a great collection of shoes in all styles. Heels are definitely my favorite!

  5. I'm a shoe addict as well but have no room to store more than about 20 pairs. Which bums me out. Your collection is incredible (I'm dying over those black Aldo boots).

    Courtney ~

  6. Holy shoe collection Batman! Seriously, you have some of the best shoes around blogland for sure. I am not a very good fashionista when it comes to shoes - I actually don't have that many! I have more fun pairs for summer than I do for winter, I suppose it has something to with living somewhere that snows so much! I am just in awe of your collection - very, very nice.

  7. Oh, you always shows the sweetest posts! I loved your shoe collection! My favorite shoes, among the ones you showed, were the Jessica Simpson's clogs (I love clogs!) and the Urban Outfitters pair! Fabulous! I am addicted to shoes, among other thigs :) But I guess you know it by now. I have 400 pairs and I don't intend stop buying shoes so soon!
    Because of some resquests, I wrote an accessories' post and remembered you, cause your previous one was so!
    I hope you have a great day and you look stunning as usual!

  8. omg I love all your shoes. You are awesome. Such a great selection of colour and style!

  9. oh my goodness, you're killing me with the shoe porn!!! i LOVE shoes too. i'm crazy and have a billion of them. it's so hard to figure out which ones to get rid of too. you have a wonderful collection! i love how you store them too.

  10. You have great taste in shoes. And the perfect legs to show them off.

  11. oh my gosh, Emily!!!! I really LOVE that first photo of you and your trail of shoes. Just so very cute! :) I LOVE shoes, and i wish I had more space to store mine. I definitely am crushing on your ALdo boots and those thrifted pink heels!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  12. what a fun post
    i am not a shoe person, but believe me i have other clothing addictions!

  13. oh Emily, you and your shoes! I'm happy to see I'm not alone with my shoe-madness though. I especially like wedges, studs, vintage vibe, colours.. yeah, pretty much everything, haha. gosh and I can't wait to start wearing my heels again. maybe after a month or so because right now it's all about snow.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. what a fun post emily! i know this must have took a lot of work for you to compile. i do LOVE shoes. i usually end an outfit with shoes, but sometimes i start an outfit with them too.

  15. Girl! Ah-mazing. Just love your fabulous shoe collection. Definitely a great accessory to any outfit.

  16. WOWZA, I'm speechless. Brad may think I'm a shoe addict but I've got nothing on you (thank you, that justifies a least a couple of future purchases). I've always liked your red shoes from the UK and I just realized why - they remind me of a dress Mila Kunis wore on the red carpet that I also loved. The over-the-knee boots are HOT HOT HOT. Thanks for sharing this with us, it must have taken ages to prepare this post.

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