Tuesday, December 11, 2012

winter wonderland

Skirt, Top, Small Ring, Boots & Cardigan- Thrifted; Large Ring- Zellers; Nail Polish- Blackmail by Wet n Wild

This past weekend was a winter wonderland in Ottawa with fresh snow falling and its accompanying brrr factor.  My best friend took Christmas photos of my man and I (and Marley & Mama Sita of course) which I will share closer to the season but for now here are some (unedited) photos of Ottawa in all its snowy glory (and a festive thrifted outfit while we're at it!

Look at me wearing leopard again (this time, cardigan style). Told you I couldn't get enough of the print!

Is it a winter wonderland where you live?


  1. Well, this snow didn't last long because it's a total ice rink outside! :( I want the winter wonderland!


  2. Cute outfit. It is definitely NOT a winter wonderland where I am. It was 82 degrees today!

  3. The background is so pretty- all of the snow is lovely but OMG I wouldn't be able to handle the cold! I LOVE your red skirt! It looks gorgeous against the white show!

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  4. I love this outfit! I'm so jealous of your snow!

  5. awesome look!and so great for upcoming Christmas!

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  6. it indeed is! snow is here, there, everywhere!
    the end of your top looks like a cool belt and I actually thought it was but then understood the reality, haha. the leopard cardi is gorgeous btw!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Emily you look really beautiful in these photos. I love snow, we need some to cover the dullness that winter can bring. dawn suitcase vignettes p.s. really enjoying your big roaring fireplace photos on Instagram...so cozy.

  8. I can't get enough leopard either! I just wish I had more of it! I like the idea of pairing it with red! And it sure does look like you've got some snow there too! As you know, we have plenty now down here!

  9. Emily! you look cold. yes, #1 thank you for following. that is great. #2 did you see my post last week "leopard print". check it out if you missed it. and is that top suede? i love IT!!!

  10. I really love how photos come out when snow is on the ground. Great top!

  11. It is definitely looking like a winter wonderland up there! I am a little jealous! We probably won't get any snow here in my part of Oregon, but I am glad that someone is enjoying a true winter. Love the red skirt and layered look you're sporting. So festive!


  12. oh my total pretty emily, in the snow! it's been too cold in texas lately, and we don't like it. you look fantastic, but aren't you freezing?

  13. What a stylish outfit. You're cuter than a kitten. It's gotten cold here but no snow. You precede us with that.

  14. I was so happy when it snowed this weekend, I just wish there was more of it!

  15. ha, not even close to winter anything here
    i am loving these shades of brown and red together

  16. Brrrr indeed. It's 70 degrees all year 'round here. And I like it that way :)

  17. Such a cute look!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  18. Pretty! You're brave in the cold!!

  19. No winter wonderland here, just rain. I must say that it sure makes an incredible background for your photos. They are beautiful and you look so lovely :) I adore this outfit, especially the leopard print sweater.


  20. These are so pretty! I love red & brown together. Gorgeous snow background.


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