Sunday, September 16, 2012

two bums up

No this isn`t a toilet review (although my new energy efficient Kohler is fabulous, just sayin`), but instead a look inside the brand spanking new eco-friendly store in Ottawa, terra20. I was very fortunate to have been invited to the media launch this past Tuesday and I spent my lunch hour perusing the aisles with a knowledgeable tour guide.   I`m a dietary vegan (meaning I avoid consuming animal products) and I also do my darndest to use household and beauty products that aren`t tested on animals and wear sustainable clothing (which is why I`m a huge advocate of thrifting; to reduce, reuse & recycle!) The great part about terra20 is that it allows consumers to shop sustainably & ethically without sacrificing style, quality or price.  On their website, terra20 states that:

 Small daily changes can have a big impact on our planet and our future. We are here to help Canadians explore a better way, and to make it easier by offering a one-stop eco store.

Now that`s a philosophy I can give the green light to!
{Handmade Purple Urchin products.}

{I love the whimsical patterns of Pure Living`s Lucia collection which has won various design awards.}

{Green products for all the bambinos in your life.}

{The creator of Piggy Paint knows exactly what goes into her nail polishes and demonstrated by licking the nail polish.  Now that`s not something you see every day!}

{These packaged Thymes candles would make beautiful gifts.}

{Plant based catering from Credible Edibles, where I take all my cooking classes.}

{The beautiful models including (Editor in Chief at Ef Magazine), Malorie & (Founder of Hub Ottawa), Jane.}

{Just because you're wearing sustainable clothing, doesn't mean you have to wear burlap sacks!}

{I already have a Matt & Nat vegan wallet so now all I'm missing is a purse and this emerald green sack caught my attention!}

{One of my favourite elements of terra20 was their ecobar where you can purchase and refill eco-friendly dish detergent, cleaners and laundry products.}

{I would enjoy doing laundry more with these retro containers.}

{You can tell that I'm a home-owner now because I gravitate towards the dishes and glassware.}

{Recycled paper made from elephant dung, the profits go towards promoting elephant welfare, conservation & the natural environment.}

{Quintessentially Canadian moose & wood decor.}

And it wouldn`t be a fashion blog without an outfit photo so here is what I wore to the terra20 launch, a sustainable (thrifted & vintage) outfit because we all know that green is the new black! 
Dress (worn like this) & Earrings- Vintage; Blouse, Belt, Jewellery & Shoes- Thrifted

For all you eco-friendly Ottawans, terra20 is located at 2685 Iris Street (in the Ikea plaza) and you can find store hours, read up on the products and find out what it means to be green, on their website
Are you a sustainable shopper? 


  1. Emily, now that's a store you can feel good about shopping in! :) Elegant red & black outfit.

  2. I am super intrigued! I love the idea of an eco-bar. We have a small coop here that sells all eco products, and we try to go there as much as possible.

    Love that dress, by the way!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  3. What an adorable shop! And Eco-friendly. Love your polka-dots over pleats. So lady-like and chic.

  4. thrifting is my favourite way of shopping but I also like sales. and lately several of my favourite thrift stores in my hometown have been closed which is very sad, to be honest.
    anyway, I really enjoyed that post because of all the home goodies! decorating your own house can be so much fun.
    oh and your all green outfit is very classy and stylish! so right for the occasion!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Cool. I share your ethics and preferences. Nice to see this assortment of good products.

    Oh, and yes, we certainly are "coloured-tights soul-mates"!

  6. You look amaaaaazing! Love your outfit!!! And the atore too! You know I am a vegetarian too, since I was a child. Not yet a vegan, but I also avoid products that were tested on animals. So, in this way, what for a great store you have there!

  7. looks like a super cool store
    haven't heard matt and nat in awhile, used to be obsessed with their stuff
    sadly i am not a sustainable shopper, but son1 is!! he is trying to steer me in the right direction lol

  8. OOOH! That's what that place is! I go by it every day for work and I always wondered. I'll have to stop in, thanks for sharing!!

  9. I totally agree, we are all responsible for our planet and everyone should think about the little changes they can make in their everyday life. You look stunning in that dress girl !!! xoxo

  10. this shop would definitely make me one! hahaha i would buy the cleaning products for the cute packaging alone. i need to start doing this! you are such an inspiration girl. these kind of stores are so scattered here in nola. i'm going to do better. CUTE outfit!!!

  11. This is so great! i can't wait o check it out : )

  12. haha two bums up, that's hilarious!

  13. Love your dress - the colour is fantastic! Can't wait to check out terra20!


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