Monday, September 3, 2012

Place d'Orleans Vlogger Search

This past Friday night I had the pleasure of attending an event alongside 9 other fabulous Ottawa style bloggers at Place d'Orléans shopping centre. As official ambassadors for their fashion vlogger contest we were able to preview the experience to share with our readers and encourage you to enter! 
I should be called Toothy Tiaras because I was having so much fun at the event, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! We started the evening with a professional makeover and then selected a suit-clan male model to act as our personal shopper/purse holder for the evening (a service I could certainly get used to!) The shopping spree was followed by DIY crafts, delicious snacks and then we shot an individual video to share our Place d'Orléans finds with you!

Intrigued? If you're in the Ottawa area and want to enter the vlogger contest, all you have to do is shop at Place d'Orléans before September 9th and share your purchases at their in-mall vlogger studio. The winner will receive $300 in Place d'Orléans gift cards per month for a 6 month vlogging contract.  Visit the Place d'Orléans vlogger contest Facebook page for all the nitty gritty. 

I'm nosy and want to watch your vlog so leave a comment below with a link to your video entry and you could win a $50 gift card for Place d'Orléans!


  1. Your video is SO cute! It was fun to hear your voice! And you found some lovely items, I can't wait to see you rocking those heels, they are amazing!!

  2. GREAT are confident and fun! We both commented while we watched, impressed at your ease in front of the camera...great work!

  3. How cute! It's so fun to hear the voices behind the photos. And a personal purse/shopping bag holder? You can't get better than that :) Heather

  4. This is such a fun idea! If i still lived in Ottawa I would totally go for it!

  5. What a fun event! Love your lace dress!

  6. I saw your pictures online! This looks like so much fun. I totally would have crashed if I was near!
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  7. So much fun! This looks like a great event and you look adorable! The video was wonderful too. Congratulations!

  8. looks like SO much fun! and all the goodies you purchased seem to be awesome. I would definitely love to see everything closer, so do post some outfit photos soon! ;) oh and I love the photo diary very much as well!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. Wow, such a great event and you look faaaabulous! What about that picture with the mae model? Wow!
    It looks like loads of fun!

  10. You are so adorable! I love all the blue things you've picked up! and I can't wait for you to wear those shoezies!
    ♥ laura
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  11. That looks like so much fun, I hope you win!! And those shoes... they're fabulous!

  12. you looked fabulous at the event, so cute as usual, had a great time with you! xo

  13. I knew it was your beautiful hand as soon as I saw the photo! I couldn't help but feature you here my darling!

    I'm sooo jealous that I didn't get to eat any cupcakes! =)
    I heard you guys had such a fabulous time!
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  14. emily, no wonder your cheeks hurt from smiling, it looks like such fun! did you feel like a princess? :)

  15. You are too freak'n cute! I could listen to you talk all day.


  16. I seriously need to get into these things! What a great time, wish I had been there too.

  17. You look great in your vlog! Here's my entry for the blog contest! xo


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