Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nooks & Crannies

We've been in our new house for just over a month now and although many of the walls (and a couple of rooms) are still bare, I've started to decorate the nooks & crannies so that the space feels lived in and personal.
 {Japanese fukumen wrestler sake dishes which were thrifted and then gifted from my Mum.}
 {WWI and WWII framed prints set the stage for my vintage inspired kitchen.} 

{Decor magazines, a Buddha head, a vintage scarf & framed magazine cut-outs rest on top of an antique trunk.} 

{The beginnings of my clothes room, a small space in the attic that is being transformed by a track system and a very patient man.} 

{Seaside themed master bathroom.} 

{A few of my favourite shoes waiting patiently in the upstairs hall for the clothes room to be set up so they can be properly displayed.}
{A vintage cookie tin; some of my favourite recipe books & a charming 1957 Chiquita Bananas ad that makes me smile every time I walk by it.}

 {After years of sleeping on brightly coloured bedding, I decided it was time for simplicity and serenity and chose this white set embellished with satin ribbons and silver sequins.}
 {These little guys guard over Marley & Mama Sita's kitty room.}
 {An antique tray; mango rum from St. Kitts & thrifted glassware rest on top of the dining room bar cart} 

How do you decorate your nooks & crannies?

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  1. very cute
    those are the most fun areas to decorate
    glad to see you are settling into your new home nicely

  2. I truly love the details of your house, the decoration is lovely. Can't wait to see the clothes room :)

  3. Loving your seaside decorations in the master bedroom. So serene and calm.

  4. Your house looks FABULOUS! I cannot wait to buy a house and have a "clothes room" right now we live in a big apartment and can only really justify having a "guitar room" lol. Very cute nick-nacks girl! :)

  5. oh emily, what fun to see your what you've both done! i'm drooling over your shoes. :)

  6. LOVE it! Looking great! I too have a "Clothes room" - though if I ever have children I don't know what I'll do as it's our only extra bedroom, but for now I am enjoying it! :)

  7. Wow Emily I really love what you and your man have done in the way of decor so far,
    those photos look like something you might see in a magazine!!

    It's funny how just a few things you really like can go a long way into making somewhere feel so much more like home.

    I bet you can't wait to finish the clothes room!! Totally a good call!

  8. Looks like you guys are getting settled right in! Those throw pillows for the bed are absolutely lovely! I'm a sucker for simple, clean decor like that. Can't wait to see what you guys have when you're all finished! More photos soon, please!


  9. Love this!! The bedding is so nice and calming and the prints in your kitchen rock :)
    I haven't had the chance to decorate my own place yet but I'm really excited to be able to when I finally get one!

  10. I love seeing peeks into people's homes. You seem to have a nice collection of 'objets d'art'. Can't wait to see how your 'seaside bedroom' is coming along. I'm doing ours nautical as well! But based on the photo, it looks like we're veering down two cool but different paths. I love the bedding you picked out. What a beautiful texture.

  11. Your new home looks lovely! You have some beautiful pieces that reflect your personal style!
    When I get back up and running I plan on decluttering some of my junk so I too will have a clearer mind.
    Can't wait to see the completed clothes room!

  12. yay, I'm so happy you posted all those photos because I was looking for it already! and I loved every photo! your new home seems to be such an awesome and versatile place :)
    now, when it comes to decorating in my house I must say I'm almost always in the middle of this because I tend to change the scene quite often. but I hope I will be able to post some snapshots in time.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. Emily
    just had to let you know husband is headed up to Bromont next week and he was asking me where his coat was so he could pack it. lol

  14. I adore vintage posters too. We have several travel and food posters from the 1930s framed in our living room.

  15. I love the peek into your new home - and that you have a room for your clothes. I'm trying so hard just to stay in one closet :P


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