Tuesday, July 17, 2012

wild child {in training}

Skirt- Swapped; Top- Smart Set; Necklace- RW&CO; Shoes- Luv Shoes from Max's Shoe Repair
In my first year of University, I'm what you might call a wild child in training.  I participated in many a Funnel Friday (chugging cheap coolers out of a funnel) & keg parties and danced my weekends away in sleazy night clubs.  However after a few months of late nights that I (more often than not) struggled to remember the next day I smartened up and started giving my studies the attention they deserved, which paid off when I graduated with high honours.  For the most part I'm now content with my grown-up lifestyle but on rare occasions I like to let my hair down and go dancing with the ladies.  The evenings are much, much tamer than they used to be but it's still fun to get jiggy with it!

These are two outfits I wore to paint the town red recently, the first for girl's night and the second for a double date sushi dinner.
Skirt, Top, Clutch & Purple Bracelet- Thrifted; Blue Bracelet & Necklace- Sears; Shoes- Spring; Whale Pin- Shop of Worldly Delights

Just in case you thought those outfits were more mild than wild (I thought they were pretty risqué compared to what I usually wear!), here's a look back at what I used to wear in my wild child in training University days (I'd like to get a hold on the bra I was wearing in this picture- aye carumba!)

Are you a partier or more of a homebody? (I definitely fall into the latter category these days, especially since I'm an old soul!)


  1. Wow...if you re-discover the brand name of bra..let me know!!! love the colours and sparkle of the second outfit! xo your mater

  2. Wow, Emily... I didn't know you had such a bad-girl past! We all need to explore our limits. I drink and smoked a lot in college, too.

    Love your shoes.

  3. My partying days have been long over. I've turned into a homebody in my old age :) I love the sequin top of your second outfit. Both looks are really nice!

  4. I went through my party phase...and it was fun at the time for sure but I am glad it ended, I'm much more of a homebody now!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. gosh, my university years were CRAZY! I partied like 4 days a week and yeah, just was rather insane :D I'm so glad I managed to leave all that behind because it was bad for my wallet and also bad for everything and everyone else in my life. but Emily, I do love your party looks, especially those fancy shoes and tops.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Look at you shakin it girl! I'm very similar--in college I had quite a good time living it up and partying. Now, I'm definitely more of a homebody. I do like to get dressed up and go out dancing with my girls every once in a while too!

  7. Wow, I would have never recognized the old and wild you :) I love both of the outfits you picked for your recent nights out...you look amazing! The black sequined top really rocks.

    <3 Cambria

  8. hahah I love your university wild child picture! and those shoes from spring are lovely!

    I dont know how we did it in university! I can't imagine partying the way i did haha

  9. i want the first skirt with the second top for myself!!
    so cute and fun
    i was definitely a wild child in my younger years and some might say on occasion i still am.

  10. Oh too funny. Yeah, I definitely partied more in college than I do now. I am much more of a homebody in my "old" age, lol. If we do go out, we like to just sit and talk with friends and sometimes play cards.

    I do love both of your outfits, especially the 2nd one with the fun printed skirt! Super cute!

  11. Oh I am so very much a homebody. For one thing, I can't dance to save my life. For another thing, I'm just not that outgoing.

    You look so fabulous in both of those outfits!

  12. love both of your looks. the colors and textures work great together. i've always been a homebody. hahaha

  13. emily, nice black with prints & textured outfits. :) i thought that last photo was cameron diaz.

  14. I like the black sequined top. I thrifted a green one recently that needs a place to make an appearance :)

    I'm waaaaay older than you, but recently went dancing with my li'l sister. Hadn't been in years, and yes, we were way tamer than we were back in the day, but it was still a really fun night. Maybe I just need to get some mirrored walls, and a good DJ in de living room :P


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