Friday, May 4, 2012

sock it to ya!

Skirt, Denim Jacket & Purse- Thrifted; Sweater- Smart Set; Shoes- Thrifted (with Vintage Earrings adhered to them); Ring- Gifted; Nail polish- Charismatic and Peach Nectar by Revlon

Thanks to my man's sock drawer I finally found 'une chaussette' that would function as a hair piece and so I made a bun, inspired by the hilarious and talented DIY'er & jewellery designer Mr. Kate.

Here are my thoughts on sock buns:

A) Does anyone else find it strange to be placing an object that usually reeks of food odour on top of one's head?

B) If you're lazy on-trend like me and haven't been to the hair salon in over a year have ombre style hair, the sock bun can appear to be a quite fake, almost like an unmatching hair piece gone terribly wrong but I assure you folks, it's all mine!

C) The Duff Puff has nothing on the sock bun (sorry Hil, but I'm still your #1 fan over the age of 16!)

D) In summary (as my opinions above seemed a little bipolar) , I love the sock bun- easy to do and very ballerina chic (and will look more uniform when I finally make my way to the salon!)

 I thrifted these heels as part of my Halloween costume and since there were still remnants of the leaf glue intact, I took my hot-glue gun and adhered these vintage earrings to the front- now that's my kind of DIY, cheap, cheerful and uncomplicated!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I've changed my work schedule so I now have Saturdays & Sundays off and can indulge in the phrase TGIF!


  1. your rocking the sock bun. It looks great on you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. emily, are you saying thumbs up or thumbs down to the sock bun? i simply don't have enough hair, to do that look. i adore the element of lace/romance in your outfit details: your ring, necklace, blouse, & DIY shoes from the earrings, very innovative!

    1. Haha oh Teddi good question- when I re-read my post it seemed a little confusing on my sock bun stance so I added in:

      D)In summary (as my opinions above seemed a little bipolar) , I love the sock bun- easy to do and very ballerina chic (and will look more uniform when I finally make my way to the salon!)

  3. Omg those shoes. Guuuurrrl, those shoes! Seriously a wicked good idea. Also your sock bun looks cute. Wish I had enough hair to roll up in one!

  4. I have been a huge fan of the sock bun for a while now. I love how easy and chic it is, especially on those lazy mornings. Adore this outfit as well, Emily!

  5. I think it looks great on you - I wish I still had my long hair so I could try it!

    Courtney ~

  6. Welcome to the weekend warrier brigade!

    Nice outfit. The sweater appeals to me.

  7. Great sock bun! I can't do it because I have too many really short layers and they stick out everywhere :( Either that or I haven't figured out the right way to do it!

  8. You look so funky & chic in this look! Love the bag!!
    Love the sock bun! Will you be posting a sock bun how to?!

  9. You look smokin'! The olive and red is fabulous together and the high waist of the skirt is so flattering!

  10. Someday my hair will be long enough for a bun...sigh...

    Great news about your work schedule! Hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

  11. I totally sock bunned, but I have too many layers that it looks weird on me. I'm still waiting to get my hands on the Asian version. (because I'm a total Asian cosmetics/beauty implements hag, of course, that's why) I really love this outfit, Emily! that skirt is soooo amazing with its beautiful waist detail. and I love it worn with the stripes!

    laurathe blog of worldly delightsthe shop of worldly delights

  12. what an amazing thrifted outfit! i love the striped sweater, the leather skirt, the shoes, the jacket, everything! you look so lovely!!!

  13. hey emily! what a cute outfit girl. i love high buns. they are so cute. you're rockin everything.

  14. I totally like your ombre-bun! ;) and I also like your DIY with those shoes. the top is gorgeous as well. and the jewellery.. gosh, you always know how to pick the best pieces and put them together!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Emily!! Those pink shoes are so super cute! I love the different textures and shades in them. And your sock bun is cute!

  16. hahaha omg at A, haha I couldn't handle having a sock in my hair, lol. plus I think I would screw it up, trying to roll the hair over the sock. your bun looks good:) love your top, and the lace stripes, surprise, surprise!


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