Thursday, May 10, 2012

peachy keen

Pants, Blouse, Shoes, Belt & Clutch- Thrifted; Earrings- Smart Set; Sunglasses- Aldo; Nail Polish- Coral me Wild by Revlon

The past couple of weeks have certainly been one for the books- a scattering of awkward and awesome!


-Having to wear a trench coat on the hottest day because my skirt kept riding up with each step I took until it was almost obscene.  And the chosen trenchcoat had front flaps so really didn't remediate the situation at all!

-Visiting open houses without checking the online listings and realizing too late that we were being shown a million dollar home... good thing we dressed up!

- The new HBO series "Girls" (also see awesome).

-Realizing that I wore my skirt from yesterday backwards almost all day (including during the photoshoot) and then accidentally tweeted about the #fashionblooper on my work twitter account...which I didn't notice until a few hours later... #awkward (which is why you shouldn't link your personal & professional accounts!)

-Thinking one of my clients was going in for a fist pump so extended my closed hand to her, only to realize she wanted a hand shake (and we're supposed to be educating them on proper interview etiquette...)

-Being the least flexible person in my Body Flow class.  There's one whole track where I just do the cat stretch because my fingers refuse to meet my toes.


- Spending a significant part of last Friday night watching Youtube videos about a street cat named Bob , and a baby pygmy hippo being bathed (possibly the cutest animal I've ever seen!)

-Last night's dream that Dev (from "Smash") & I were kissing in the back of a taxi- yum!

-The new HBO series "Girls" (also see awkward).

-Seeing his Holiness, the Dalai Lama speak in person about secular ethics- not only is he incredibly wise and serene, he also has an amazing sense of humour.

-Having a group of young entrepreneurial ladies (all under the age of 6) sell me their handmade pipe cleaner & bottle cap jewellery.  They were trying to charge me $4 until one of their Mums rushed out of the house saying "no, no, 4 pennies!" (I compromised and gave them $2).Business savvy gals!

-Visiting the Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary in rural Ontario and feeding the adorable potbellied pig, Wilbur (the other two pigs were over 1000lbs!)

Any memorable awkward or awesome moments from your week?


  1. I love the peach and coral colours in this outfit and how neat that you got to see the Dalai Lama! I'm loving the show New Girl too.

  2. Pretty photos! I love your top and your shoes are too cute!

  3. such an awesome post! unfortunately I can't remember anything too special because it has been all about work, work and work, no fun at all..
    but your blouse, those earrings, that clutch - gosh, how wonderful those pieces are!! it's like a perfect example of a spring (or why not summer) outfit!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. those are some of the best awkwards i've read in a while (sorry)! and i love (and hate) the show girls. i love your earrings, and actually the whole outfit. you look so springy and romantic!

  5. Emily, I really like those tassel earrings! They look super cute. And your nail varnish is so pretty :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  6. Your earring are so cute. You already now my awkward and awesome s.

  7. Love the pops of coral in this outfit, those earrings are totally fab. Your awkward and awesome moments are great, I'm really digging Girls too, it's truly awkwardly awesome. We did the same million dollar open house once, you can dream right?!?

  8. Aw Em I enjoyed your awkward and awesome list as much as your outfit. Colour is a great accent colour against your pale striped pants (which remind me of the old uniforms of railway engineers).

  9. LOVING the peach! It's my new favorite spring color! I haven't watched Girls yet, but I really want to! And I laughed a little at your Twitter awkward moments - I could totally see myself doing the same thing!!

  10. She is in pants again!!!
    Laughing at all.of your skirt mishaps
    Is that why you wore pants twice this week??

  11. the "awkwards" made me laugh a lot, and one of the "awesomes" reminded me of how you would raid the house of cookies, make up hot chocolate and set up a little table outside the house IN THE SNOW to sell cookies and hot chocolate to the kids playing outside, and to the occasional adult out for a cold walk! You made quite a bit, actually. Another enfant entrepreneur. You look wonderful and TALL in this photo. Looking forward to visiting and being a guest blogger in August! love, Mum xoxo

  12. such a classy outfit! love your earrings! this week feels like Christmas 'cause I got a lot of gifts from online shops :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  13. Love this look and all your awkward moments! We've all been there haha

  14. emily, there is something so very 1970's about this outfit. i adore it. :) i watch the hbo show girls show too. it's interesting. it doesn't have cute clothes, like the sex in the city did, though. ugh, with the flying skirt & fist bump. i wish you had photos of the bottle cap pipe cleaner jewelry. superb that you got to hear the Dalai Lama speak!

  15. So jealous you got to see the Dalai Lama live! That must have been a wonderful experience.

    Awkward: my head exploding from my stressful day job. Awesome: my blog feels like it's getting into a groove. :)

  16. I am in LOVE with the show GIRLS! I think its the epitome of life for most late 20 something year old least thats what I think.

    I have has just as many awkward wardrobe malfunctions. I wore this cream and navy dress to work with a blazer on top but with dark tights because it was a bit short...and of course my tights ended up get a huge rip...and I felt unprofessional in bare a few stares lol.

  17. Cute look! Love your earrings and sunnies!


  18. I'm filing this outfit under "awesome" as well! I'm sad I don't have HBO so I can't check out that show, but maybe when it comes out to rent. Love the awkward and awesome moments :)


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