Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Skirt, Top & Scarf- Smart Set; Trench Coat & Shoes- Thrifted; Ring- Sears; Earrings- Zellers; Nail Polish- Mist by Joe Fresh

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday's blog post, my man met with the gall bladder specialist and he will be going in for surgery in June, so I still have time to dust off my naughty nurse costume! :)

Reason #1 why I shouldn't be allowed in shopping malls, I am an impulsive shopper which is all fine and dandy when it comes to the low prices of thrifting but when it comes to retail I spend a small fortune (I bought the skirt, top and scarf I'm wearing here, plus a blue dress worn here, a pair of jeans, another top and earrings from Smart Set for $130 which may not sound like a lot but that amount could practically buy an entire wardrobe at Goodwill!) So Sage to answer your question, I guess when it comes to shopping I`m an abstainer!

This post is going to be short & sweet, it's only 7:30pm but I'm so zonked and ready to call it a night but alas my disorderly condo won't clean itself.  Oh Big Comfy Couch, how you misled us all by having us believe it was as simple as a 10 second tidy


  1. Hahah I love that you referred to the 10-second cleanup. I've always wondered if that was ever possible.

    Cute look! I didn't shop for over a month and then ended up spending WAYY more than I intended last weekend... I think I'm on a shopping ban for the next three months now..

  2. Hello from a fellow abstainer! That's good that you recognize that you're an impulsive shopper. I'm kinda perplexed by moderators who can go into a store and leave with only 1 thing. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    Here's my 10-second tidy: Run through the house grabbing as much clutter as you can, throw it all into the office, close the door. Done!

  3. I adore your skirt! I'm usually a moderator, but I frequently moderate myself into abstaining. Shopping once, breaking a healthy food streak, or staying up all night doesn't wreck everything for me, but it makes things easier to not do the thing I don't need to be doing. I too could use a ten second tidy followed by a ten hour nap. Whew!

  4. emily, you're so cute! funny words. i love the pastels with the neutrals. good to know your man will get some relief. i too find it hard to justify spending retail prices. you think you might still be sick, & that's why you're tired?

  5. I love your trench! I'm seriously jealous of your yellow pumps, too. Hope you guys are feeling better!

    Also with you on the whole zonked thing. When did work become such hard work??!!

  7. Such an adorable outfit. I especially love the shoes! They look great paired with the brown tights! I must say that I am an impulse shopper most of the time too. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.

  8. Love the colors in this scarf with the shoes. I hear you on the thrifting prices. They can't be beat...and I'm hopelessly spoiled by my them.

  9. You look so good even at the end of the day, I would have look messy with my gluey make up and tired eyes. I love the colorful scarf and yellow shoes. Sorry to hear about your guy, I am sure he is going to feel way better after the surgery. All he needs is some TLC from you, he will be fine!

  10. oh, I have a pretty similar faux leather skirt and obviously I love those. I also really like your new scarf - such gorgeous colours! I like the whole outfit actually and girl, be careful with shopping too much, haha ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

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  12. Lovely accessories and good luck with the appointment :)

  13. I absolutely love the scarf from Smart set! : )

  14. oh wow, sorry to hear about the gall bladder surgery, but i am sure your man will feel so much better after
    he might not be up to that naughty nurse costume after, so you better break it out before. lol
    love the pink and brown mix here

  15. I'm glad he'll have the surgery and hopefully will start feeling lots better after! And you'll be a great nurse! And I think I'm more of a moderator, at least I really try to be. I'm worse in the thrift/consignment stores I think because the prices are low so I'm like, I can buy MORE!

    I totally remember 10 second tidy...wouldn't it be nice??

    LOVE your yellow shoes! They are so pretty! I like that they have different shades of it too!

  16. great outfit. glad he got eh surgery schedule

  17. Oh, that scarf is so pretty!! And I love the bright yellow shoes!

  18. Nice nails!! Those ombre yellow shoes are really in for that ombre tie dye trend this year : )

  19. I know what you mean, Emily. I used to be such a splurger, but then I stopped. But it's still hard.... UGH! I love those shoes!
    ♥ laura
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