Monday, February 20, 2012


Pants- Thrifted; Turtleneck- Club Monaco (Swapped); Necklace- The Bay; Bracelets- Gifted; Shoes- Winners; Nail Polish- Deliciously Dark by Rimmel
 My man and I rarely argue but one of our biggest fights was when we were assembling this 8 foot tall Ikea wardrobe. Ikea home assembly...enough said! When I moved into his one bedroom condo (over a year and a half ago), my possessions consisted of 2 cats and enough clothing to stock a department store.  Not having enough closet space, my man bought this monstrosity of a wardrobe for me as a welcome gift.  It currently holds my blazers, blouses, sweaters, pants, jeans, workout clothes, pajamas, tanks and tees and my huge collection of dresses and skirts live in half a closet.  I can't wait until the day when I have enough space to house all my clothing in the same space- any of these walk-in closets would do the trick!  

For once I'm actually posting the pictures on the day I wore the outfit. Today was Family Day which is a provincial holiday so I spent the day wearing a bathrobe but had to eventually get dressed for a dinnertime work meeting. I'm trying to wear clothing that hasn't yet seen the light of day and I swapped this striped turtleneck months ago but wore it for the first time today.

 Speaking of family, my sister is still in Ottawa visiting, and we'll be doing a sister remix sometime this week (we had planned it for today but general laziness got in the way). To all my American friends, Happy President's Day and to everyone else, I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Islander day today on PEI, so I had the day off work as well = lovely.

    Ikea assembly = death. Thankfully when I lived in Ottawa I had a superb and infinitely patient friend help me put together all of my furniture.

  2. I just moved all the clothing in one of my dressers to a rack and now I want a walk-in closet. And I want all my shoes displayed next to my clothes. GAH.

  3. Marilyn inspiration photos--love it! I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea too. I can't resist the low prices, but the assembly is hell! :(

    How do you reach the hanging clothes on top?

  4. That turtleneck looks AMAZING on you. Especially with that necklace. And you thrifted well-fitting black pants? Seriously. :) Everyone thinks I have a huge closet but I just share a small one with my husband. I think if I had more space I'd just fill it up!

    The Suburb Experiment

  5. how do you reach those clothes when they seem to be quite high up there? :P
    anyway, I really like this post and the photos. you look gorgeous and the wardrobe is so cool and nicely tidy :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I love the Club Monaco striped top...looks great on you. I am convinced that people who thrift will never have enough closet space no matter where they live. I have a walk in and 3 other closets in the house full of don't fret over that, just accept it. Anyway, I am impressed with how organized your closet is. Wow! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. I hope he got a stepstool as well to reach the top of your closet! I think that's about the most thoughtful welcome gift a guy could get a girl :)
    I really really really like your necklace. The Bay? Awesome. THe striped turtleneck is a perfect canvas. I'm happy you're trying to wear little-used items from your closet. So am I.

  8. Loving the stripes with that statement necklace - looks great! i can't wait for the day when I can hopefully have a walk in closet :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Very nice wardrobe and I loved your necklace! And look, I have lots of space in my flats, but believe me, nothing is enough. We tend to need more and more space, always. Coming to the Uk is a challenge for me. Even a friend of mine told me "you brought so few things..." I am a guest here, I can't bring everything I want! :)
    You will have loads of space, I am sure! Then show us the new closet! By now, it's very good and organized, I loved it! And the Monroe's pics!

  10. Such a sweet present, this wardrobe has so much space. I've been feeling some closet envy lately, we live in an old house converted into apartments but most of my friends live in more modern apartment complexes with big walk-in closets. Jerks.
    Also I lvoet he B&W shirt with the big statement necklace on top :)

  11. I love your necklace!

    I have a house, but it was built in the 50's when closets were made to be TINY, so I have all of my stuff in a closet in our spare bedroom - I seriously don't know what I'll do if we ever have kids - maybe get an Ikea wardrobe like that! It looks nice!

  12. I so wish my clothes were this well organized! And I love that green necklace on you, it's so pretty.

    Courtney ~

  13. I need a walk-in closet SO BADLY. Mine is literally overflowing with crap. I have even taken over Mr. A's side. A walk-in closet would be so helpful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. been following you and your sisters adventures on twitter
    i know you are having a great visit
    ikea directions what a joke
    putting furniture together from there could do any couple in

  15. Now that's a wardrobe! My clothes are squeezed into a closet and a dresser, but I could so use more room. I can't imagine having 53 dresses though!

  16. beautiful wardrobe! I'm pretty walk-in closet collapsed over the weekend :S

  17. I have the same turtleneck! And I need to get more organized in my closet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. That wardrobe is perfect! Totally worth the arguing, I'm sure :)


  19. oooooooo sister remix sounds so fun! someday you'll get your dream closet.

  20. Woah...that's a huge wardrobe. How sweet of your guy. I am currently squeezing everything into a small two door wardrobe. Looking forward to your sister remix that would be fun! And fabulous turtle neck top by the way. The necklace is a beatiful accessory


  21. Whoa that is a huge wardrobe! I wish I had something that big to hold all my clothes!

  22. LOL Too funny! It holds a lot!


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