Wednesday, November 9, 2011

little facts {sexy style}

Dress- Gifted from ML; Blazer (worn like this)- BCBG Maxria (Thrifted); Boots-Aldo; Necklace- Smart Set

I'm linking up with Rebecca with an R  Little Facts which came at the perfect time because usually by Hump Day my brain is fried and frazzled so I need all the help I can get! Don't worry- I'm not going to get all Jenna Jamieson on you- but it just so happened that my three little facts are all on the sexy side this week (although did anyone see Glee last night-pretty scandalous for High School kids!) 


1) tantric tanning: in my first year of University, my roommate and I wanted some colour but we couldn't afford tanning at the nice salons so we found a sex shop that had $4 tanning in the back rooms. (And yes it was as sketchy as it sounds, the female shop owner was always hitting on us and the beds had burn marks -don't ask, don't tell!) Needless to say (and judging by my translucent skin, I haven't gone back- although there was the spray tanning addiction this summer but that's a story for another day!)

2) career contemplations: speaking of sex shops-I got a job at one after University but thought that an office job would be more appropriate on the resume so declined the offer (which I sometimes strangely regret).  Plus I'm not sure how my parents would feel about paying my way through school to then have me selling erotic whips.

3) lingerie love: now that I work for a lingerie boutique, my lingerie collection has doubled, heck even tripled.  I used to hang out in a ratty towel dress, now I lounge around in an adorable polka dotted silk romper.  Let's just say the man's not complaining!

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  1. I definitely cannot picture you working in a sex shop, haha and on a more fashion related topic... I love that dress!! It's adorable!

  2. I love the dress you're wearing! The colours and pattern are so lovely! Super cute!

  3. That tanning story made my skin crawl..just a little bit. And I think it's awesome you worked at a sex shop - you must have some great stories from that.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. You did have me nervous for a minute! I do have a friend who did sell erotic products through parties, and now has difficulty deciding whether or not to mention it when applying for jobs!

  5. the sex shop story is funny. You look really classy and feminine chic in this outfit, I like the dress and jacket, really nice stylish tailored look. Wearing boots with this outfit makes it more fun and playful

  6. You look so classy and chic in this outfit. I like it also because it still leaves so much personal style in a more structured look...I still love those boots!

  7. lol how very funny! I think I wouldve totally taken that job. 1 its VERY different and 2. Could you imagine the hilarity that would ensue in that sort of place!? CRAZY haha. Looking as cute as a button as per usual hun. Good mild contrasting with your dress and jacket. Like this very much ^_^

    Eeli xx

  8. #1 made me laugh! wow, that is one of a kind, but hey $4 tanning? wow! ;)

    p.s. i love your outfit!

    <3, Mimi

  9. such a cool post and the story about your tanning experiences in a sex shop is so funny! :D
    oh, and I like the dress!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Awesome outfit! I love that dress, the blazer is pretty cool as well :)

  11. These facts were awesome! Yeah, I don't know if I would want to work for a sex shop either. Although you may come across some interesting characters, lol!

    Love your whole outfit from head to toe! Heather

  12. Ha ha love your little facts! :D

    Lovely outfit :)

  13. How pretty are you?!?!? Love this whole outfit :)

  14. Hehehe! I don't know why (take it as a compliment), but I can totally see you working in a sex shop. It's probably better in the long run, though, that you didn't take it. Although it would have been tempting.

    I didn't even know you worked at a lingerie store. Where've I been? Huh! That sounds fun. Is it expensive? Is it local? I want to come visit you and buy a polka dot silk romper for myself.

    Also, I am becoming increasingly aware of bloggers who have the ability to ROCK a blazer, and you're one of them. I am not. I'm cleaning out my closet and putting all blazers in the giveaway pile. I just can't do it. But you can. Nioce.

  15. Cute outfit. I would have been to scared to go tanning there.

  16. This dress looks great on you. A friend of mine worked at an 'Adult Store' for a while. It was the classy kind though. Well lit, with lots of costumes for strippers, I can picture you working in THAT type of sex store ;)

  17. this dress looks very interesting..the pattern is great!

  18. a sex shop with tanning beds? what? Where am I living? Why don't we have that here? not like I tan, but really? hahah! sorry I can't get over it!!!!
    LOVE that dress on you!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  19. i love this entry! you definitely had me dying of laughter with the 1st fact, although who could pass up a deal like that?! & I would definitely be you in #3 if i worked at a lingerie store, everything is always so luxurious it's hard to pass up when you see it everyday. you look fab, dear!
    have a good one!
    xx Corinne

  20. omg the tanning bed story has me rolling on the floor with laughter
    i bet your lingerie wardrobe is fab
    i love lingerie, but husband's motto is what is better than naked.
    such a simple man!

  21. You are too funny!!! HAHAHA Loving the stories. The dress you're wearing is so beautiful. I love the print and jacket you're wearing with it. The dress reminds me of beautiful watercolors. Hope you're having a great day.

  22. Hi there, i am happy to have found another Canadian blogger!

    You are so cute and funny!


  23. What a beautiful dress and the blazer compliments it perfectly! Polka dot silk romper?!? I want one!

  24. Gorgeous outfit. And lounging around in actual lingerie sounds so wonderfully decadent. I'm jealous.

    I tried spray tanning a couple of times but I always panicked and took a deep breath right when the spray hit my face. So, my innerds were very tan, I think.


  25. That dress is adorable! The greys are so pretty on you.

    I would have taken the job at the sex-shop. It's one of those jobs that I think builds character if you can hack it, then again, the lingerie job sounds awesome too. Selling frilly things has got to be so much fun.

    I used to tan as a kid, but once I hit that middle school goth phase, I never bothered again. Plus skin cancer is hereditary in my family and I'm terrified of it.

  26. haha #1 is killing me!!

    This is a very chic look, the thing that stands out/really makes these photos is how your hair and the fall leaves really contrast the monochromatic outfit. very eyecatching.

  27. hahaha, I love your sexy little facts - such a cute idea! and it's really cool you work at a lingerie shop - you def have the body for it!!!
    On the fashion side, I LOVE this outfit from head to toe!!! It might be one of my all time favorites of yours - the color looks great on you, loooove the boots, and the tights and blazer - ah! I love it all!!!

  28. that dress is amazing! LOVE the print! the ensemble is just lovely overall! <3


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