Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the weekend of bad luck

This past weekend was anything but ordinary for me and I will tell you why.

Saturday was a normal lazy day of sleeping in, cleaning the condo, reading and watching t.v. The boy and I had a friend's baby shower to go to that evening so we bought cupcakes and cute Easter presents for their baby girl Ella and set off in our car. Now our car is a '97 Mazda that may have been pretty in her heyday but she is now a clunker named Bertha who is constantly overheating and sounds like there's a bird in her engine. Last time we took her in, the mechanic told us that she is unsafe to drive as the steering may go at any time or the engine may overheat and die.  So 7 weeks ago the boy spoiled himself and bought the new Audi A-4 fully loaded (don't know what that means but it sounds fancy!) The only problem was that the car he wanted wasn't available in Canada so they had to make us a new car in Germany.  Long story short, the Audi hasn't arrived yet so we had to drive Bertha to the baby shower.  Low and behold as soon as we are on the highway the dashboard lights start blinking on and off and I started freaking out thinking we are going to combust.  As soon as we got to our exit, the car died and a suited man in a Lexus helped the boy push her to the side of the road while I steered.  We waited in the freezing cold (no heat, with me wearing flats with no socks) for about an hour for the tow.  All this to say my Saturday night was spent waiting for a tow instead of enjoying a potluck dinner playing with a cute baby :(

Jeans- Levi; Shirt- Urban Outfitters; Necklace- Smart Set; Shoes- Winners; Ring- Gifted; Nail Polish- Strobe Light by Sally Hansen
Sunday started off great- we went to our favourite sushi joint Sushi Umi and overdosed on tempura yam and veggie rainbow rolls (avocado, carrot & cucumber topped with fresh yellow and red peppers-mmm!)  Later that afternoon I had an Ottawa Fashion Week meeting where we finalized preparations for this Thursday's launch party.  When I arrived back to the condo, I took the elevator comme toujours but this time it stopped moving on the second floor.  Now I'm not claustrophobic per say but having just watched The Devil (an M. Night Shyamalan movie about people being killed in an elevator) I was nervous to say the least.  The elevator started getting warm so I took off my jacket and called the boy saying that I was stuck and could he please get the landlord.  And then the elevator started dropping downwards and I started panicking.  I pressed the alarm button, the stop button, any button I could see and then used the phone to tell the operator could they please come save us.  I asked the other man in the elevator his name as we might not get out alive and we should know who the last person we talked to was.  And then 10 minutes (or an eternity in my mind) later the elevator started moving and dropped us off on the 4th floor.  I have never been so happy to see the ground again and I ran up those next two flights of stairs faster than I ever had.  The boy called me and said he was on the 2nd floor where the elevator had stopped, ready to pry the doors open with his bare hands- my hero!

Let's just say that I will be taking the stairs from now on, staying healthy and avoiding elevator related deaths at the same time!

Blazer & Earrings- Vintage; Skirt- Smart Set; Boots- Aldo

If you read that whole post- kudos! If not I'll sum it up for you in four words: broken car and stuck elevator!


  1. That is some seriously bad luck. I have never been stuck in an elevator, I hope I never am, goodness. Awful!

    On a happy note, at least you are looking cute in these photos! I love the stripe-y skirt!

  2. Awe babe, you have to giggle a little over the elevator incident. It's scary but something you'll laugh about, espically with the heroic endin by M. I am sorry about your beast car breaking on you. :(

  3. I'm sorry you had such a crazy weekend. Cars breaking down is not fun at all. I would lose my mind if I got stuck in an elevator. My boyfriend got stuck in our elevator at work for almost 2 hours, and the fire department had to come get him out. He was so relaxed about it. I would have freaked.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. oh no, that stinks. At least that man was there to help. How nice of him.

    with Blue Bell Ice Cream and episodes of 30 Rock

  5. I'm sorry, honey. What a hard time you had.

  6. Wow thats some serious bad luck..throw some salt over your shoulder lol. I love that second outfit though and that sushi looks delish! And you guessed right..i did wear the thrifted dress to the party!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. That is quite the weekend Emily!
    So glad you came away unscathed.
    Hope your week is going much better than the weekend
    Sunday, I feasted on Sushi as well. We took son1 back to college and had sushi at this great little joint near the school

  8. OMG, you did have a pretty crazy weekend (but hey, you did have lotsa luck last week when you won that cool gift card!).

    so sorry to hear about your crazy adventures. but at least you were safe in the end.

    love that necklace! like the blue and green together. also love your bright red blazer with the printed skirt. you looked good all weekend, that's for sure!


  9. ACK!!! Ack, ack, ack!!!

    Well I did see your tweet about the elevator (and THAT is why I'd rather climb 11 flights of stairs) but I didn't know about your Saturday night fiasco! Goodness. What an eventful weekend you had.

    I do have to say that you looked INCREDIBLE during your disasters, though!

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  10. wow that sounds awful...I am always uneasy in elevators since I saw this horrible X-files episode where one crashes down...ugh...anyway glad you survived the weekend.
    Love K


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