Saturday, February 5, 2011

{30x30 pt5} Tunic Wearing Thespian

Thank you to everyone for your kind anniversary wishes- I really am a lucky girl and I try not to take my relationship for granted and appreciate the small things (like when his dirty clothes actually make their way into the laundry basket!) He surprised me with this beautiful box (I've never received so many flowers that they needed their own box!) of flowers including my favourite- hot pink gerber daisies.  We then enjoyed a culinary delight at Zen Kitchen followed by slow dancing in our living room. 

His anniversary gift to me (besides the flowers and dinner) was tickets to a 6-part theatre festival.  We watched our 4th and 5th plays today, making me feel like a true thespian.  I recently discovered this word and have delighted in saying it ever since.  I always wanted to be an actress and when we were younger, my sister and I were often leads in our church plays- and I always requested the male role.  It always seemed a more dangerous and exciting part to play like the naughty sheep and the handsome prince in shining armour! I guess for now I will have to settle for watching plays, but watch out Ottawa I'm thinking of auditioning for a community play one of these days!

Aren't they stunning?!


Tunic- Gap; Tights- Smart Set; Boots- Aldo; Necklace- The Bay; Nail Polish- Butter by Joe Fresh Style 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Gerber's are my favorite flowers too!

  2. I always suspected you were a secret thespian. :)

    We could do Romeo and Juliet together... you'd look handsome as Romeo!

  3. The flowers are so pretty. I love your outfit, and the necklace is gorgeous.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Fellow Emily and 30 for 30 remixer, thank you for your comment on my blog! It's so fun to follow along with other remixers and be inspired by their creativity!

    And the guys DO always get the best parts..not even fair.

  5. Love the sparkly top and your bib necklace
    Funny we both wore one on the same day
    After the 30 for 30 we should do a post of 2 different styles of the same dress!

  6. I love your outfit!
    and thanks for the comment dear!
    I'm following you, follow me back?
    xoxo, A

  7. @Jaclyn- they're such a happy flower! @Shybiker- ooh now that would be fun! @Myheartblogges; @Amanda & @Emilylime- thanks :) @Silvergirl- that would be a fun post- as soon as 30x30 is over let's do it! xo Emily


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