Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage Sequin

" Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny.  Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend" - Lucy Liu

I love vintage and I love sequins (as displayed here, here and here) so put the 2 together and I am one happy girl!  My friend Kelly and I recently spent a Sunday afternoon perusing vintage and consignment shops in Ottawa.  We laughed, I spent too much money but most of all we explored hidden treasures.

We visited Aunt Olive's and Young Janes Vintage Shops- both fabulous and eclectic.  At Young Janes I bought a faux fur vest which I am saving for a special occasion and at Aunt Olive's I bought the sequin beret I am wearing above and the owl necklace worn here.  If you are in the area, set aside time to visit these great shops and if you get the shopper's hunger- Aunt Olive's is part cafe and part vintage shopping with delicious Vegan soups and Vegetarian sandwiches! Next on my Ottawa vintage checklist- Ragtimes.  P.S.  my teddy bear wanted to wear the vintage sequin as well ;)

What's your favourite vintage shop in your city?


  1. I have been to Young Janes but haven't been to Aunt Olive's. I was looking for vintage cowboy boots at that time but was disappointed that they had some for $70-80! =(

    Love the animal print tights! You got it from Primark??!! Nice!


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  2. I love the hat!



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