Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring/Summer 2011 Runways Galore

I die for Spring/Summer collections (ok, maybe I've been watching too many Rachel Zoe episodes!) The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder so I've decided to combat my Canadian blues by checking out the Spring/Summer 2011 highlights.

New York Fashion Week was held in the Big Apple from September 9th-16th.  Don't worry about spending a lot of money transitioning from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer- a lot of the trends stayed consistent (head-to-toe, longer skirts, minimalism, structured handbags and neutral palette). The top 10 trends for Spring/Summer 2010 as dictated by NYC are:

1) Head-to-toe white: Head to-toe colour is in for Fall, so for summer just transition into the lighter, breezier fabrics.

2) Mid-calf skirts: we are not teeny boppers anymore so say goodbye to the mini-skirts and hello to a longer skirt, grazing mid-calf.

Bright Young Things
3) Minimalism: not my favourite trend as I am a 'more is more' kind of gal but you can't deny it, 'less is more' is the new fashion wave.
L'Wren Scott
4) Sportswear from the 70s: don't freak out- I'm not talking neon colours and crazy hair-dos but instead beautiful hats and a street-chic emsemble.

3. 1 Philip Lim
5) Utilitarian apron belts: LOVE!!! Wear a neutral palette and pair with one of these wide apron belts and you will look like you were just cooking in style!
Donna Karan
6) Neutral palette: taken from the Fall/Winter collections of camel, beige, sand and blush.  If you're pale like me, wear sparingly or with a pop of red lipstick so you don't disappear into the clothes.

7) Python: au revoir leopard, bonjour python.  This texture icks me out a bit on clothing but on accessories it is original and fun.

8) Pointed toe stiletto: ahh my favourite shoe- a pointed toe stiletto (aka cockroach killers via my Dad!) You really can't go wrong with pointed shoe stilettos, they add sexiness and style to any ensemble!
Rebecca Minkoff
9) Structured bags: don't consign your Fall/Winter structured bags, keep them for the warm weather.  I found a great structured bag at Salvation Army for $3.99 (to be featured later) so no need to splurge.
Jeremy Scott
10) Fierce Dress: don't shy away from bold prints, patterns and colours.  It's all about the statement dress so wear it with confidence!

London Fashion week ended yesterday and here are the top ten Spring/Summer trends according to the Brits: 1) Pleats; 2) Pastels; 3) Digital Prints; 4) Luxe Sportwear; 5) Fringe; 6) Sheer shirts & dresses; 7) Perforated Leather & Suede; 8) Ruffles; 9) Pointed-toe pumps and 10) Silver.

The fashion world is now in Milan, Italy until September 28th and then to Paris, France from September 29th-October 7th.  Besides these international spectacles, there will be Canadian Fashion Shows: Montreal from September 27th-30th; Toronto from October 18th-23rd, Ottawa from October 28th-31st and Vancouver from November 3rd-7th.  So start following the runway reports and cumulate international and domestic trends together for an original spin-off.


  1. you are rachel zoe haha, but I love her so it's okay

  2. Yes! Bondi Bar is what its called! I had so much fun there, (* and it may have had something to do with how quick the bar tender was at refills=drunken good old time) and it ought to be a great treat after your GMATs! (Good luck, btw!) Great trend post too, I'm quite excited for all the structured bags, 70s sports wear and neutral tones we're seeing!




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