Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Seeing Red (on my lips that is!)

Having just returned from a trip to my Dentist, my teeth were looking particularly pearly white and I decided to buy myself a new lipstick. Since Red Lips are Autumn's Beauty essential I decided to buy a shade called Rich Ruby by Prestige. It came in a great silver tube with pink calligraphy and promised anti-aging properties. I'm only 22 so aging isn't a concern, but the hydration and contouring is a bonus. Plus the price was right at only $6.99.

Rich Ruby by Prestige
Red lips were seen on the Givency, Karl Lagerfield and Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2011 runways just to name a few. Check out your local Drug store for affordable lipstick brands or indulge in a brand name stick such as Dior at Sephora.
The Prestige Anti-Aging Collection
Rouge Dior Replenishing Lip Colour- Sephora

*Hint: My dental hygienist suggested wearing red lipsticks with a blue undertone and avoiding orange-reds if you want your teeth to appear whiter. I have gone the extra step and booked myself in for an Zoom whitening session so that I can wear any shade of lipstick I want, without fear!*

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