Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1 month down, 11 to go!

Skirt (worn like this), Blouse (worn like this) & Shoes- Thrifted; Necklace- Sears; Bracelet- Le Chateau; Purse- Jeanne Lottie Toronto

I have completed month one of my year without shopping challenge. So far, so good.  The first week was the most challenging as I was changing my shopping patterns and behavior.  I never before understood the purpose of window shopping, it was rare that I went into a clothing store without purchasing something.  Now I find myself perusing shops, looking at the trends and fabrics and seeing what I could use to replicate the look from my own wardrobe. 

I work part-time at two clothing stores (twiss & weber and Shepherd's) so the temptation is always there.  Now instead of buying everything I like, I will try on new arrivals and take photos of the pieces I like.  Somehow this satisfies a small part of my shopping addiction, at least feeling the fabric and seeing how it looks on.  So I'm not avoiding temptation (I'm like an alcoholic who works in a bar but isn't drinking) but instead allowing myself to enjoy fashion without having to own it. 

I'm entering my second month, wish me luck!


  1. You always look so good. Best wishes for your challenge.

  2. Cute outfit. I know you can do this. I will be doing this next year.

  3. This is such a cheerful outfit! You look so pretty :)
    Keep up the good work!!

  4. You are an inspiration to me! I finished my no shop summer and treated myself on Labor Day, but am now back to no more shopping. It's so hard, but it's a good thing to do. You look awesome, love the skirt and the bag is super fun!

  5. That skirt is adorable.

    Good luck completing your second month.

  6. Kudos to you Em! I cant believe how awesome you're doing with this challenge : )


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