Sunday, January 26, 2014

faux fur, real snow

Faux Fur Jacket, Blouse & Purse- Thrifted; Sweater- Zara; Skirt- Sirens; Boots- Aldo; Gloves- Vintage; Ring & Chunky Bracelet- Stella & Dot; Thin Bracelet- Le Chateau

Below zero, blustery and beautiful.  That's how I would sum up winter in Ottawa, a love-hate relationship with nature.  Some days it's so cold your eyelashes turn to mini icicles but it's all worth it after freshly fallen snow coats the earth and the world seems to still.  Dressing for the chill has its challenges, you can't just run out the house in your sandals & bare legs but there's something to be said about stylishly layering & bundling!

The lengths I go for a good shot, sinking up to my knees in the snow!

My photographer makes me laugh out loud! 

How do you stay warm & stylish?


  1. Hi Emily! Glad to see you back on the blog. Fortunately, you continue to tweet so I keep up with you on Twitter. As you saw, I blog relentlessly; it's my favorite outlet.

    You look cute here. It must be hard to focus on fashion when it's so cold and snowy. I'd be blue during Winter if I lived as far north as you.

  2. Emily,
    I am all over the gloves and pearls
    The coat just adds to the loveliness
    Love it

  3. Such fun photos! You look lovely as always. How do I stay warm and stylish? Layers, layers, layers!

  4. I really love your outfit. The collar on your top is beautiful and I love the bow on your skirt. Wow, you have a lot of snow!

  5. well, when we shot my latest outfit I couldn't take away my winter jacket because it was THAT cold, completely freezing and icy. so it's a bit crazy for me to see your bare skin, hehe. but it's also crazy how much snow you have there!!! we have nothing next to that. anyway, your outfit. I'm loving the skirt and the sweater and the overall cuteness-factor. plus it's really feminine and classy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. That bow on the skirt is sooooo adorable! Living in Quebec City for the last two years has taught me a lot about trying to combine chic and glamoros with the capricious Canadian winter... Layering really is the key!

  7. I do NOT miss having that much snow. :) But you do look so glam even though it's freezing!

  8. you look amazing! i don't think i would know how to dress in cold weather like that. i love the red skirt and all the fabulous accessories!

  9. Ooh I'm cold just looking at these photos!! It's been really frigid (but not very snowy...yet) here lately too. I'm trying to stay nice and warm in cozy layers too. I love that awesome skirt with the big red bow!

  10. i focus on survival during times like this!! bahaha but you look absolutely adorable!
    & as much as i love how pretty snow is when it first falls, it pales in comparison to the mess it makes (you'd think NY never had snow before haha)
    xx Corinne


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