Wednesday, October 2, 2013

tiaraiconthrifted treasures

Skirt, Top, Shoes & Purse- Thrifted; Necklace- Joe Fresh; Bracelets- Le Chateau, Zellers & Thrifted; Toe Nail Polish- by Revlon; Finger Nail Polish- Mind your Mittens by Essie
 The tagline for my blog is affordable elegance (like an aluminum crown wearing princess), because I don't believe in paying full price for anything.  For that reason (as well as promoting sustainability and finding unique pieces) , I love thrift shopping.  My favourite second hand shop is Guy's Frenchy's, an Atlantic Canadian franchise I frequent every time I'm visiting family in Nova Scotia.  I bought this top and skirt from Guy's this summer and threw them together this morning in a hurry.  I love how the patterns and colours managed to both compliment and offset each other.  Add a quilted purse (also a Guy's thrifted treasure), neutral wedges & statement jewellery and voila, a cheap and cheerful work ensemble for fall (which feels more like summer) that cost less than $25 from head to toe!

Forget toe cleavage, I present to you the latest foot fetish: baby toe runneth over!

This poor boy has been licking off his fur so when I took him to (a very expensive) vet appointment, the x-rays showed that he has a bowel disorder as well as reoccurring urinary crystals, poor Mr. Marley and poor Emily's wallet!

Do you like thrifting? Why/why not?