Wednesday, July 10, 2013

legally blonde

Blouse (worn like this) & Skirt- Vintage; Bracelet, Rings & Shoes- Thrifted; Earrings- Smart Set; Nail Polish- Tulip by Revlon 
I'm a sucker for girly hues and I blame it on my adolescent fascination with Elle Wood's overtly feminine ensembles.  After watching the movie (numerous times) I had convinced myself that I too could be Legally Blonde. However after taking an introductory law class in University, all notions of wearing hot pink suits, accessorized with a toy dog had vanished and all that remained were security certificate case studies and mundane readings.

Have you ever based your career fantasies on a movie or tv show? (I'm also guilty for wanting to be a ballerina after watching Bunheads, an offender profiler like in Criminal Minds and a Broadway performer from Smash. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I can't dance or sing and am scared of my own shadow, those job possibilities have been ruled out!)


  1. I'm in love with hot pink, and any pink for that matter. When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer or an actress, but I don't do either very well! I'm much better at motivating people and finding solutions.

  2. I love the pink and other girly, feminine colors too. Criminal Minds also makes me want to be a profiler, but like you the fear stops me from wanting to pursue that. White Collar makes me want to be a master thief and art forger- again fear (this time of going to jail) stops me.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. My favorite colors! You look fab.

    Yes, my fantasies are fueled by entertainment. When I grow up, I plan to be a mermaid. :)

  4. believe me, I have seen Legally Blonde a million times and I always watch it all over again because it's such a positive film and Elle is just adorable. and when I was a lot younger and more naive she was my idol. luckily I understood I can't always wear only pink, haha. anyway, you look great in your Legally Blonde ensemble!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I love you in pink! I sometimes wish I dressed better in college. But really, most of the time, all I could have time for was throwing on a tee over jeans and then running off to an early morning class! :)

  6. Oh man, I really wanted to be a wedding planner after seeing The Wedding Planner. But alas, I would probably go crazy ;) Love your outfit!

  7. Mmm, I don't know if I had or have anything about a TV show... BUT I agree with you about Legally Blonde, and maybe that was my thing! All pink and showing that intelligence doesn't have to do only by wearing black and white suits (although they are nice too!) You look lovely wearing pink! denisesplanet com

  8. The pink looks great on you!! Drop Dead Diva also makes me sometimes want to be a lawyer, but something tells me there's more to it than wearing cute outfits to court! lol


  9. i loved legally blond too, it was such a fun movie and I loved Elle's wradrobe when she started to take life seriously/transitioned a bit to lawyer(ish) gear. I love the pattern on your top, so fun!

    Em K

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  10. I am in love with this look Emily
    Have a great weekend

  11. when I was a kid I saw the movie FEDS and wanted to become a FBI agent. Then when I got a little older I saw "Silence of the Lambs." I didn't want to be a FBI agent after that.

    I love pink! you look great in it. and that top is way adorable!


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