Friday, April 19, 2013

accessory addict {hair}

For my third accessory addict installment (part 1- jewellery & part 2- shoes), I decided to feature one of the most overlooked accessories- hats and hair adornments.  I like to think that I'm someone who can wear a hat well (and hey maybe I'm not but just don't tell me otherwise, I love wearing them too much!) and I like how they can completely transform an outfit and 'funkify' a look.  When I'm not wearing a hat, I like experimenting with hair accessories such as bows, headbands, braids or my personal favourite- the sock bun.  Next time you're choosing an ensemble, don't forget about your head!
{Hair wrap}
{Vintage beanie}
{Sock bun}

{Zellers beret}
{H&M beanie}
{Gap faux fur earmuffs}
{Urban Outfitters fedora}
{Marshalls sun hat- worn while vacationing in St. Kitts}
{The Shop of Worldly Delights bow clip}
{Floral headband, won in Coffee & Cardigans giveaway}
{The Shop of Worldly Delights hair bow}
{Thrifted, and then microwaved, fedora}
{Patriotic Canada Day flag headband from Dollarama}
{Floral headband, turned into a hair clip for 4th of July festivities}

{Dollarama bandana & cowgirl hat}

Are you a fan of hair accessories & hats? 


  1. You really do always have a lot of awesome hat and hair accessories at play - it's weird that I never really focused on that before. Also, you can totally wear a hat well...I cannot so and am very envious.

    Courtney ~

  2. Love the hair wrap!!


  3. You rock hair accessories like no other. I love your creativity, you make them totally work! Especially that patriotic Canada day one ;)
    But seriously, I always feel so weird in a hat!

  4. I love hats! Unfortunately they just look so terrible on me :( Maybe I need to get back into headbands!

  5. You DO wear them really well! I need to incorporate more into my wardrobe.

  6. Another awesome accessory addict post! I'm loving this feature. You really have rocked a ton of different looks and each one looks fantastic. What's neat about these photos is you can see how dramatically each one sets the tone for you outfit, more so than any piece from the neck dow It's a big impact in a small package. I look forward to the next edition!

  7. You rock hats very well. I love hair piece. Which rest now I only have a bow hair clip and flower bobbie pins.

  8. Great post! I love how you included all the different looks. I am a hat AND a hair accessory person. Of course, I think I collect way more than I wear! Debbie @

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! you have such fun hats and hair accessories. emily, i really do wish i could have a real life look at your closet. :)

  10. Oh yes, I think you can wear hair accessories so well! My favorite pieces were the Urban Outfitters fedora - amazing! And your naisl are always so well done! The first picture has an amazing cuff/bracelet! Well, then I loved the flag headband! And the white flower for the 4th of July! You always look amazing!

  11. You can wear the heck out of a hat girl
    So jealous

  12. I agree that you are most definitely a hat person. I love the black hair wrap--so chic! I used to have a collection of hats when I was younger, but I stopped wearing them. You're making me want to go buy a big floppy hat for the beach.

  13. I wish I was more of a hat person! I adore looking at hat and hair pieces on other girls, but maybe my head is just not hat-shaped :P CJ loves his hats though, and is slowly trying to get me on that bandwagon!

    - Katherine


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