Monday, January 28, 2013

baby shower

Cropped Pants- Anthropologie; Top & Bracelet- Joe Fresh; Vest- Thrifted; Heels & Belt- Target; Purse- Gifted; Earrings- Vintage; Nail Polish- Deliciously Dark by Rimmel London

Some of my friends are starting to get married and have babies and as excited as I am for them, I'm still enjoying my stage of life as a cat mother where the only thing I'm saying 'till death do us part' to are these hot pink shoes! 

I wore this outfit over the weekend to a friend's baby shower.  I can't wait to someday (sooner rather than later!) get married and have kids and hope that I can still sport sock buns & high heels for playtime and mommy duties. Because who says you can't be a great Mom and still keep up with your sense of style!

I love these printed cropped pants I bought at Anthropologie in Austin for only $19.99 (on sale from $138) and can't wait to wear them with every colour combination possible!

Are you or do you plan to be a mod Mom?


  1. Your crop pants are gorgeous. What a steal! Adding the pink heels was a great idea :)


  2. LOVE the outfit!!! You are rocking those cropped printed pants. I can't wait until it's warm enough for cropped pants and heels :)

  3. Your cropped pants and pink accessories are fabulous! I hope that I am a cool mom, ha ha! My girls may tell you otherwise :) Heather

  4. You'd make a super cool mom. I bet your future kids will have a blast playing dress up with you.

  5. I love all the pops of pink that really bring the whole look together!

  6. emily, you look great in your perfectly priced anthro pants! they look great with your art too. of course you can rock the sock bun and be a stylish mom, someday, when you're ready. ;) yes, it's snowed in texas twice this year, but it melts really quickly.

  7. Love those pants Emily and you are looking so cute with your bun
    Believe me, there are times when you just want to stay in yoga pants all day, but I definitely made an effort to "dress" anytime I went out somewhere with the babies.
    The last thing I wanted to do was become one of those moms who's kids dressed better than I did

  8. Those pants are so fabulous. I love printed pants. And I love how you added the pattern top.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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  9. you look great. I love your shoe. Have a great week

  10. Just starting to get married and have babies? Yipes! Now I feel old!
    And my sister wears heels all the time and she has 2 kids under the age of 3. There is hope!

  11. I really like all the beautiful patterns you brought together here, and the pops of pink are perfect. I certainly hope being stylish doesn't end once you have some little folks around the house. :)

  12. Such a cute look! Love the pink touch and you look amazing! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  13. I'm only my doggie's (strict) mom, hehe. and when it comes to real children I feel like I want to adopt because I just can't see anything great in giving birth and I'm not a fan of babies.. I've thought that way for years already. and we have so many unhappy children here in Estonia who really need a great home.
    anyway, your outfit. of course I like it because it has colours and patterns and spark - everything an outfit needs! those pink accents are fabulous btw.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. I love these pants! What a great deal you got too! The pink shoes are fabulous as well!

    I bet you will be a totally stylish mom some day! I hope to be the same if I ever have kids!

  15. Your hair looks great like that!


  16. Such a cute look! I love all the colours, such a nice contract to all the black and greys you normally see at this time of the year!

    Kate xo

  17. That purse is gorgeous- so adorable! Isn't awesome to get a great deal at Anthropolgie?? That's the only time I've been able to purchase their stuff- when it's on sale. There is a site called that has similar items but is much cheaper.


  18. Fun outfit with all the pattern mixing! When it comes to being a mom and maintaining a sense of style I hope that i can hold onto mine. I can see already how it might be challenging but I'm going to gve it my best shot!


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