Wednesday, October 10, 2012

falling leaves & jeans

Vest, White Top, Ring & Clutch- Thrifted; Jeans- Swapped; Shoes & Scarf- Dress for Success Hidden Treasures Sale; Belt- Ann Taylor Loft; Watch- Fossil (Gifted); Nail Polish- No Shrinking Violet by Revlon
For a gal who professes to be a no-jeans kind of gal, I've featured them twice on the blog this week! It's not that I don't like the aesthetic of jeans, it's that I find them too darn constricting and uncomfortable (which a close friend pointed out is probably due to my cheap & cheerful mantra, jeans should be an investment!) When I worked at the Gap in High School, I had a myriad of great jeans that I bought with my 50% off employee discount.  Gap jeans are still my favourite to this day and I cherish (and am thankful they still fit) my 16 year old Emily jeans because lord knows I can't afford high quality denim these days, what with a mortgage and all!

I (and by I, I mean my loving man who cringes everytime I say OOTD time!) took these photos on Sunday after indulging in a Lebanese Thanksgiving meal with his family (think homemade hummus, rice, pita, olives & grape leaves, mmm).  I may not be autumn's biggest supporter but I do love the colourful, falling leaves that accompanies the brisk season.

My vest, scarf, ring & clutch are all thrifted so I'm linking up with Callie

And because no fall photoshoot is complete without the mandatory throwing of leaves picture here I am humouring my inner child.  

Are you a fan of falling leaves & jeans?


  1. I am a definite fan of jeans, but not sure about the falling leaves - we don't have a traditional fall here. :)
    I love the purple clutch with this outfit - it's unexpectedly perfect. :)

  2. the first thing i thought when i saw the picture was...emily never wears jeans lol
    you should, you look great in them
    i am a huge fan of gap jeans as well, they not only fit well, but are actually affordable

  3. Ahh Emily in jeans!! You look great :) I love early fall when all the leaves are changing, but once it gets super cold and the trees are bare, I'm definitely NOT a fan :P

  4. that last pic is awesome Emily! the color of those leaves are gorgeous. i'm a fan of jeans, but hate to buy them! it's such a chore to find the right fit. you are so luck to still fit yours. i'm jealous! hahaha cute outfit girl :)

  5. I only wear jeans on the weekend. I limit jeans to once a week for work.

  6. I love when the leaves change colors, too! It hasn't happened here yet. I'm not really a jeans fan, but I am trying to embrace... it is just so cold in New York during the winter.

  7. You are so adorable in the leaf throwing photo! We should all embrace our inner child every now and then. Confession, I played in the leaf pile with the dog and little one last fall while we were raking leaves, ha ha!

    I really love this whole look. The belted vest and scarf is great! Heather

  8. I do love the changing colours but I have to say fall always makes me realise that winter and snow is just around the corner so it does make me sad. I also wish I loved pants and jeans but I am a skirt person pretty much all year long.

  9. well, jeans are pretty good actually, from time to time. I especially like the colourful ones and got a pair of burgundy jeans yesterday, yay! falling leaves are annoying though since we have to get rid of all the leaves lying in our garden and it's not that great, haha.
    anyway, I'm in love with your purple clutch, the layering and the combo of those blue jeans and light brown shoes.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Your inner child is soooo cute! Love the outfit.

    Yes, that scarf I was wearing has a cheetah on it. Isn't it great?

    I missed you!


  11. These pictures are beautiful! I'm totally a fall kind of girl. I love the changing leaves, chunky sweaters, new jeans, pumpkin cookies--everything! I agree with you that Gap sells some of the best jeans out there.

  12. Your photo location. I love all of the colors of leaves. You look amazing. That clutch is so pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. I love this look - very urban safari chic!

  14. emily, i am so jealous of your beautiful autumn leaves, says this huge autumn fan, & big autumn supporter. jeans are my fave pants. yours look fantastic. i like them with the shoes. nice belt that defines your tiny waist, & the leopard print scarf is marvelous. :)

  15. I love that you're not afraid to be playful in your photos. That last one is super cute. I don't encourage people to always dress out of their comfort zone, but it can be such a refreshing change. Like when you see a guy in a suit day in day out and all of a sudden they're in jeans and a tee and it's like BAM!! (aka B every Sunday).


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