Tuesday, October 16, 2012

boot it

Blouse- Smart Set; Skirt- Old Navy; Scarf- Thrifted; Boots- Sirens; Belt- Gifted from ML; Bracelet- The Bay

Remember when I was grumbling about autumn? That was before I re-discovered my boot collection waiting to be found in a garbage bag (forget cardboard boxes, I moved my clothing to the new house in  black contractor bags, white trash style!)

I bought these synthetic boots (this animal lovin' gal doesn't do leather, unless it's second hand and that's a debate in and of itself) a few years ago and a combination of their cheap quality and the harsh Canadian climate (these boots have seen their share of snow and no my feet have not stayed warm or dry!) these boots are about ready to get the boot. So I decided one last photoshoot was in order to bid them a proper adieu. 

(Author's note, all this boot chatter is really to divert your attention from the wrinkly mess that is my skirt.  Can I claim a phobia to ironing?)

This faded out photo is a result of the camera settings I had been working on during my first photography class (let's just say I'm not the best student, my feedback was that 'a couple of your photos are ok'... better not quit my day job just yet!)

Are you a boot scootin' boogie babe?


  1. I love the colour of those boots. it goes so well with the purple skirt. so good luck when it comes to giving up on them, hehe. and don't worry, I also don't iron anything.
    by the way, last week I checked out my boots' collection and most of them are quite old.. but no problem, old is not bad!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. THe color of the boots is really gorgeous! All the colors in your outfit are so rich and perfect for fall :)

  3. See I think that last pic is an interesting play on the idea of negative space! As for the skirt wrinkles, well, I uses up all my creativity on the neg space thing. I do love a good boot in autumn. Hope you have fun searching for replacements.

  4. I love these boots! Sad if they are starting to wear out! And I think the wrinkled quality of your skirt adds a little something to it! I hate doing ironing too.

    I need to pull out more of my boots now that it's getting chilly!

  5. RIP boots! HAHAHAHA It hardly ever gets that cold in New Orleans to wear boots. I've thrown out many a sandal though. You have to do what you have to do! :)

  6. I LOOOVEEEE the new look of the blog and

    Loving the boots too...i dont want to put mine away...just yet.

  7. this color looks so good on you and i am still just loving those bangs of yours
    funny you talked about rediscovered boots
    i was actually out looking at boots today when it hit me that i had a pair just like the ones i was looking at. i had to come straight home and look for them, they were hidden in a corner under a suitcase in my closet lol

  8. LOVE the new layout. Thanks for visiting me at my new blog! I'm so new to the blogsphere and appreciate any and all comments :) I love how you buy everything either thrifted or at an amazing price and manage to look so chic! xoxox

  9. I really love the new design of the blog...fantastic! I can talk and crack up any audience under the age of 12...speaking in front of adults is much more challenging. My first day teaching with my own class, I wore a loose skirt, so the kids couldn't see my shaking knees (literally, that does happen). The fear diminishes every time you speak in public. Also love the red and white nails. You are a great gal. love, your Mum !!!

  10. Loving the boots :) Too bad their time is done! And photography is hard.. some people just have it, you know?

  11. such a great color combo. I had to kick a pair of boot to the curb last year.

  12. I love these photos. Your hair looks great in these pictures. Your scarf is so pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. emily i like the southwest, tribal like vibe of this outfit! another great color scheme of layers of interest. i am a definitive boot ho! they are my fave type of shoes, but if something in my closet doesn't work, i say, "bye-bye-bye."

  14. Your new blog design is so lovely! Did you design it yourself?

    I love boots! It's not always cold enough for boots in SF, but I try to wear them anyway. And I can't stand ironing. I purposely buy clothes that resist wrinkles. I don't even own an iron anymore. If any of my clothes really need to be ironed, I send them to the dry cleaners.

  15. Adorable outfit ! Love those boots !
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  16. Great look!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca


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