Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ottawa Victim Services Day

Dress- Bought from Dress for Success' Hidden Treasures Sale; Cardigan, Rings & Shoes- Thrifted; Belt- Vintage; Necklace- Laura
The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, declared today (September 19th), Ottawa Victim Services (OVS) Day to appreciate the great work that the victim rights organization does in the community.  I've been involved with OVS for over 5 years now as both a volunteer and paid staff (previously blogged about here & here) and am thrilled that the organization is being recognized at a municipal level.  

I wore green today to represent the OVS colours and my name tag (photo taken back when I was a platinum blonde) is used to identify myself when conducting crisis work with clients and fellow volunteers. 

Ottawa Victim Services is operated by (a small team of) staff members and (a large group of) volunteers who are on call 24/7.  I volunteer as a Team Leader a couple of weekends a month, meaning that I am responsible for responding to the pager and dispatching front-line workers as needed. The most common calls for support are police accompaniments, safety plannings, sudden death support and transportation where volunteers provide emotional and practical support to victims of crime and tragic circumstances. 

As distressing as the work can be, it is also extremely rewarding to be able to assist, even in the smallest way, when clients are lacking support and resources and simply need a listening ear or a helping hand.  

If you're interested in finding out more about Ottawa Victim Services, you can visit our website or watch an interview with our Executive Director that was aired on the local news this morning.

Do you have a victim services organization in your community?


  1. It sounds like you're involved with something that does a lot of good - that's really commendable! And you look amazing as always.

    Courtney ~

  2. I really don't know but I suppose we do..
    anyway, I think it's truly great what you do! and you do look great while doing it. this is such a special and classy outfit. blue looks beautiful together with green and all the accessories are so well chosen too. wonderful job, Emily!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. You are definitely making a difference! I love that you are passionate about wanting to help victims. Loving the color combo today. Your dress is fabulous. Heather

  4. Yay! I so support your efforts and applaud your impulse toward helping others. It is one of the many defining aspects that make you the special person you are. Oh, and your fashion-sense, too! This outfit rocks, right down to the smallest pieces.

  5. very cool organization
    you definitely have a heart for helping others
    love those shoes btw

  6. Wow, I didn't realize you volunteered for OVS along with all of your other work! You really have a big heart :) It's pretty inspiring.

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  8. i'm liking the pops of green with the dress. :) what you do is important. emily, i'm proud to know you! i don't really know what all the services are here in texas. i volunteered at the high school here, as a mentor, a couple years ago. several years ago, in another state, i volunteered as a rape advocate. i don't know if i answered your question.

  9. Your commitment to the community is so admirable Emily. You're an inspiration!

  10. I love how charitable you are, just fabulous!
    PS- I think you're the originator of ombre hair? ;)

  11. You have your hands in everything...mayor Emily. I admire your dedication to other people and your selfless acts are also admirable. On another note, love this dress and the green cardi makes me happy to look at. Love that color. Great belt too. Adorable looks. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  12. What an amazing organization to be involved with!

    Also, you look fantastic - the colour of the dress is great!


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