Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY blackboard menu

On tonight's menu is a DIY that's so easy it's almost embarrassing to feature but I had fun doing it and I love the end result so I present to you- the blackboard menu!

You will need a frame with backing (I bought this wood piece from a local thrift store for $1.99); chalkboard paint (can be found at a hardware store for less than $10); painter's brushes (if you cheap out on these like I did you may find that the bristles come loose and stick to the wet paint so better to invest and wash carefully afterwards so they can be reused) a plastic container; painter's tape (I couldn't find any so ended up using whatever was in my junk drawer which did the trick) and chalk (in any colour you desire, I chose basic white).

Step 1: Line the edges of the frame with tape.
Step 2: Pour a generous amount of the chalkboard paint into the plastic container and apply onto the (clean and dry) frame with your painter's brush.  Apply thinly in a vertical stroke. 

Step 3: Wait for the chalkboard paint to dry and apply a second coat as needed.  The paint may look patchy but will even out as it dries.  

Step 4: To clean your brushes, use cold running water if the chalkboard paint is acrylic based or mineral turps if the paint is oil based.  Mineral turps has a very unpleasant odour and since my brushes were cheap, I just bagged up the brush & plastic container and threw them away.  

Step 5: Allow the blackboard to dry overnight before using. 

Blouse- Zara; Capris, Shoes, Necklace & Ring- Thrifted

Step 6: Now you have a great DIY blackboard that can be used for your office, as a grocery list or when menu planning.  You can either use a store bought chalk brush or wash the surface with warm water and a rag to remove chalk marks. I only used about 1/3 of the can of chalkboard paint and am already planning my next project!

Do you use blackboards at home?


  1. Way cool!!!! I wonder what I'd put on one..

    Ps - cute outfit!

  2. Way cool!!!! I wonder what I'd put on one..

    Ps - cute outfit!

  3. That's so cool! It'll make a great home decor! :)

  4. When I get my own home, I plan on painting a whole wall with that so I can write and draw on it forever!!!!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  5. I don't use blackboards and my fiance doesn't use those either but I like your DIY project. we did something similar for my earrings' collection. maybe I'll show it in my blog sometimes.
    oh and the menu sounds great!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. What a fun and easy project! I use a dry erase board for our weekly dinner menu. It's a great tool to plan a grocery list and so everyone knows what is on tap for dinner that night. Heather

  7. This is probably ht e best DIY idea Ive come across! honestly so easy and quick. I'm awful with arts and crafts so i cant mess this one up!
    : )

  8. This is such an awesome and easy DIY, I definitely want to try it! I'm not following - hope you follow back! xx sylvie

  9. I've always loved those! Yours is just too cute! I didn't realize how easy they were to make. thanks for the DIY!

  10. How cool! I didn't even know you could make a chalkboard. I bought mine (for my faux-teacher post) online for $19.99. I'd have made it instead if I'd read this first.

  11. This is adorable! I am completely in love with chalkboards -- we had a huge one at our wedding. :)
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  12. This is definitely something I'd like to make!

  13. i have had a giant blackboard in my house since the boys were in preschool
    everything from chores, bible verses to calendars have been written on them
    now i like to put quotes from pinterest on the board

  14. I used to have two well-used whiteboards in my old apartment that I'd hung behind a door that was always left open so they were concealed (your blackboard is attractive and should be featured somewhere. I used one for grocery lists and the only to amass a collection of funny/silly quotes from friends, usually during nights of drinking.

    I could see a chalkboard being handy in a closet to jot down outfit ideas you're too lazy to try on or that involve clothing that's in the laundry.

  15. Very cool! I love super easy DIYs because I'm crafting challenged--haha! :)


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