Wednesday, August 29, 2012

something blue

Dress- E-Bay; Shoes- Nine West; Bracelet- Le Chateau; Clutch- Thrifted; Nail Polish-Lapiz of Luxury by Essie
This past weekend my man's cousin got married and it was the perfect excuse to introduce this flirty E-Bay number to the world (or at least to the Notre Dame basilica wedding goers).  I love weddings but one of their chosen readings rubbed me the wrong way, "A silent wife is a gift from God." Talk about unromantic patriarchy (although is there really such a thing as romantic patriarchy?) After the reading I simply turned to my man and said "Sorry babe, looks like God misplaced your gift, better luck next time!"

For the reception I changed into my strapless mermaid dress that I've been saving for a special event (even though I worried I would be far too overdressed like when I wore a black tie ensemble to a casual dinner with jean wearers!) We were having so much fun watching the Arabic belly dancers & sword fighters we forgot to take better photos so you'll just have to imagine my aquatic creature esque gown. I've never had so much fun at a wedding (I'd like to thank the open bar for my liveliness...) and was even teaching a 70-something man how to Zumba dance!
Dress- Melanie Lyne

What's your favourite part about weddings?


  1. I unfortunately don't remember any wedding experiences because I was too young back then. we'll see what the future brings.
    anyway, your first ensemble is the most beautiful one I've seen in this blog. the dress, those heels, everything looks simply wonderful :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Yeah, those wedding readings would piss me off a bit...but you looked seriously gorgeous!

    Courtney ~

  3. Both are great outfit. I also went to a wedding over the weekend. It was a very nice one.

  4. That wedding reading is so outdated, I would have said the same thing you did, lol! Your dress is gorgeous and the shoes go perfect with it. My favorite part of a wedding is definitely the dancing at the reception :) Heather

  5. At my aunts wedding, she was marrying a very rich guy, and the priest said, (in French) "it can be very difficult for people in the lower classes to marry outside of their class, so I wish this couple luck in the future" my entire family was so incensed. Just thinking about it now makes me mad!!
    The comment you heard would have made my blood boil too!

  6. That dress is stunning! I need to do more shopping on ebay!

  7. You look sooo cute. The dress is amazing, the shoes are adorable and the jewelry is perfect.

    Now I see why the ad reminded you of the wedding. Old-fashioned sexism always surprises me. How could anyone ever think such silly thoughts? Women are strong and deserve respect.

  8. Ha-ha about the open bar & teaching a 70 yr old zumba moves. Your first dress reminds me of cinderella. i think it's the color. they both looked good with your blue nails. I ususally like the wedding cake & socializing. i also like leaving. ;)

  9. I love both of your dresses! I love how romantic, and Grecian the blue and white one feels. Perfect looks for the wedding. And that reading would rub me the wrong way too - I don't like the mentality. Way too old fashioned (and wrong). But your remark made me giggle. Go girl!


  10. Both gorgeous looks! I love how romantic the first one is. :)

  11. look at you in periwinkle blue! I really love the softness of that dress (ebay, you say? and I am sure the mermaid dress was faboooo (even though you didn't get a pic of the whole thing). However, seriously, there is such a thing as "a silent wife is a gift from god"? reading. Holllllly moly.

    ♥ laura
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  12. My favorite part about weddings is the food of course and when people don't take their shoes off to dance in bare feet unless it is on the beach. You didn't take your shoes off did you? You look beautiful in you man look handsome. Both dresses are gorgeous on you. dawn suitcase vigentte xo

  13. You look amazing!! Can't wait to see a full length shot of the mermaid dress!


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